18 16t-G Sludge Pump for River

18 16t-G Sludge Pump for River

18/16T-G Sludge Pump for River

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1. G(GH) pump is horizontal cantilevered solitary-casing centrifugal dredging pump.
2. G type pump adopts clamp bands  clamping pump body and the protect of the pump
three.the discharge path of gravel pump can be oriented in any course of 360. 
4.The moist-areas are produced of Ni-tough and substantial chromium  alloys. 
five. Bearing factors use cylindrical composition, straightforward to adjust the hole amongst the impeller and pump entire body.
 It can be removed in the way of the total when upkeep.Bearing adopt oil lubrication.
six.Shaft seal: packing seal, expeller seal,mechanical seal

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Dredging pump is made for continually handling the most challenging greater abrasive slurries
which have way too big solids to be pumped by a widespread pump.
Dredging, suck gravel in the dredger,  suck gravel in the course of rivers
Offering slurries in mining, explosive sludge in metallic smelting
Type GH pumps are of substantial-head types


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18 16t-G Sludge Pump for River