198-49-34100 Hydraulic Gear Pump for Bulldozer D375A-6r D475A-3

198-49-34100 Hydraulic Gear Pump for Bulldozer D375A-6r D475A-3

198-forty nine-34100 hydraulic equipment pump for Bulldozer D375A-6R/D475A-three

Item Equipment pump series
Materials Aluminium

one)Far more than thirty many years experienc on gear pump design and style and investigation.Expert specialised in hydraulic pump elements about CZPT design Automobile

two)Owned-factory with aggressive price tag

3)Top quality and credit-reliable,total versions

four)Advanced imported manufacture gear

Product strength 

1)Shaft sleeves are imported from DAIDO Japan

2)Oil sealing is created by NOK Japan

three)CZPT pump mid-physique is an extrusion molding which is created by extruding machine(prss electrical power is 3600 Ton

4)Smooth surface, tough density of material 

5)Full range for CZPT(far more than two hundred kinds of CZPT pumps)


1)CZPT Machinery Parts

2)CZPT pump Ass*y,CZPT pump areas/factors

Quotation one)Based on OEM elements or gnuine components,packing,amount and other specifications
Sample Accessible

For quickly and exact pricing information,we require more specifics:

1)Your spec madel of building Car

2)The hydraulic pump portion amount(most critical)

3)The photographs of pump 

four)Th direction of rotation for the pump (anticlockwise or clockwise)

Delivery time  3-5days after acquired payment or deposit
Deal Carton box within,wood box outside the house of carton box
Shipment techniques

one)For stock productsin manufacturing facility ,amount is significantly less than 5 parts.Exprss shipping and delivery method.

2)For production products,amount is more than 5 items. Cargo forwarder delivery 

three)the consumers*advic is acceptable

after revenue provider one year guarantee
Utilization introduction

1)The CZPT Oil should be clean and freshthe negative problem of oil will harm and minimize working daily life of pump

two)It will impact doing work efficiency of pumps when the old pump and new pump hook up together

Our pump varieties: water Ass’y, Steering Pump, Transmission Pump, Gear Pump, CZPT Pump, Perform Pump Ass’y.

Machine No. Work pump Steer pump Transmisson 
Main clutch
A575A-two 705-51-42080 705-fifty eight-44000 705-fifty one-42070 705-21-46571 704-71-44071
D475A-3 705-fifty two-3 0571 705-fifty two-45710 705-52-45710 705-52-45710 704-seventy one-44050
D475A-two 705-52-42170 705-52-35710 198-49-34100 704-seventy one-44012/eleven 705-12-36571
D475A-1 705-fifty two-30170 705-52-42110 705-52-42000 705-fifty two-42000/01 705-21-43000/10
D455A-one 705-twelve-43030 571-66104 571-72202 0571 eight-66107 704-eleven-38100
D375A-5 704-71-44060 705-fifty eight-44050 705-56-43571 705-52-45710 705-52-40081
D375A-one 705-fifty two-40000 195-forty nine-34100 704-71-44002 705-fifty two-40001 705-52-40080
D355C-1 0571 4-72902 0571 four-72201 0571 4-72202 571-71102 0571 8-66108
D355A-3 0571 8-66200 0571 eight-66500 571-71802 0571 eight-72902 0571 eight-72202
D275AX-5 705-fifty two-35710 705-52-30920 704-71-44030 705-forty one-57150 705-30-31203
D155C-1D 0571 -72903 0571 6-66800 705-41-01320 14X-49-11160 705-forty one-57150
D155AX 705-22-43070 705-fifty five-34580 705-51-30360 705-11-38571 705-fifty one-2571
D155A-five 705-fifty two-30A00 705-22-42090 705-fifty two-40160 705-51-35710 17A-forty nine-11100
D155A-one 705-fifty two-22100 571-66200 0571 -72202 571-66103 705-fifty one-35710
D85A-21 705-51-three 0571 705-fifty one-30190 705-21-32051 0571 six-72202 0571 3-71103
D85A.E.P-eighteen 0571 4-66103 0571 4-66200 0571 six-72203 705-eleven-4571 705-41-01200
D80A-8 571-11400 0571 four-66101 0571 2-72101 0571 one-11100 705-51-two 0571
D75S-three/five 705-22-44070 705-twelve-44040 705-twelve-44571 0571 four-67504 0571 two-71300
D75S-2 0571 3-67103 07428-71202 705-eleven-36000 705-eleven-36571 705-51-2 0571

198-49-34100 Hydraulic Gear Pump for Bulldozer D375A-6r D475A-3