4 Inch Sand Dredging Pump

4 Inch Sand Dredging Pump

one. What is a sand pump?
WS(G) sequence sand dredging pump is a new type of single-phase single-suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal sludge pump investigated & made by our firm, aiming at dredging and damming of the river and seas.
Strongly put on-resistant casting alloy iron, whose hardness is not less than 58HRC adoped for the casting, impeller, front liner and rear liner of soaked elements. It during fulfills demands of the dredge to dredging pumps.
2. What advantage of WS(G) sand pump?
WS(G) pump is created particularly with positive aspects of light-weight fat, excellent put on-resistant, tremendous dredging efficiency, flawlessly suited for the dredge onl the wholeconstruction, substantial multiple economic system advantages. 

Massive drdging depth, substantial density of dredging mud, good NPSH and more robust suction elevate ability
Powerful through-set. The pump can persistently discharge gravel, substantial plastic soil lump and so on
three The pump can be right matched with both motor or diesel engine
four Vast application. It can be used in various kinds of soil top quality.
5 Little hydraulic reduction, higher efficiency and minimal oil-intake
six Little quantity, mild bodyweight
seven Constant functioning, minor vibration, lower noise
eight Simple & dependable building, effortlessly disassembly & assembly, convenient maintaining
nine Trustworthy sealing without having leakage
10 Lengthy operation daily life of components, large dependability of total set, lengthy MTBF
eleven Evident economic effectiveness and strength-preserving

3. What framework of WS(G) sand pump 
The structure of 200WS-500WS kind pumps are single-casing, which uses the mechanical sealing or stuffing sealing or mechanical stuffing compound sealing. According to the connection with the gear box, two structures can be offered: self-carrying bracket and pump-box assembly. The lubrication for the bracket is grease or slim oil.

The framework of 600WSG-1000WSG variety pumps are double-casing, which adopts spiral sleeve L (shape) rubber sealing system that is composed of 3 L sealing ring and one particular thread shaft sleeve. It has self-carrying bracket. Lubrication is pressured skinny oil lubricating. The double-casing layout can guarantee the liner can function till it is worn out, and if the liner crack, drinking water can not enter into the pump.
4.  Main part amount at the drawing

1: Shaft
2: Body
three: Mechanical Seal Assembly
four: Connecting Plate
5: Rear Liner
6: Pump Casing
seven: Go over Plate
eight: CZPT Liner
9: Impeller
ten: Support

five. Materials of building

Common Substantial Chrome Alloy Higher Chrome Alloy Forged Iron Large Chrome Alloy or
SG Iron
Substantial Chrome Alloy or
SG Iron
SG Iron Normal Rubber
Options SG Iron SG Iron Delicate Metal
SG Iron SG Iron  EN56C
Hasteloy C
Chrome Oxide

6. Pump overall performance parameters

Model Ability m³/hr Head    m Impeller Pace
Inlet Diameter
Outlet Diameter
NPHr Max Flowed Particle/mm Pump
Weight  / ton
m Five Parts 3 Items
100WS a hundred and eighty-250 25-45 a thousand-1400 50-fifty eight 150 a hundred 3.5 fifty 82 .5
150WS 250-550 20-40 1200-1400 fifty eight-sixty two hundred one hundred fifty 4 seventy six 127 one.one
150WSG 350-700 40-65 800-980 sixty eight-seventy one 200 a hundred and fifty three.5 84 one hundred forty 1.nine
200WS 550-a thousand 20-45 seven hundred-980 60-sixty five 250 200 4.5 one hundred and five 178 two.three
200WSG 550-a thousand 40-65 seven hundred-850 70-72 250 200 4 108 one hundred eighty 3.2
250WS seven hundred-1100 twenty-forty five five hundred-750 65-70 three hundred 250 4 132 220 four.5
250WSG 900-1500 forty-60 five hundred-650 70-74 350 250 4.five 86 144 four.6
300WS 1100-1800 twenty-forty four hundred-600 65-sixty eight 350 three hundred 4.5 144 241 5.5
300WSG 1500-2200 30-sixty five 400-550 seventy four-78 450 three hundred four 144 241 8
350WSG 2000-3000 forty-65 four hundred-550 74-78 450 350 4 147 245 8.eight
450WSG 3000-4000 35-67 350-five hundred seventy six-80 600 450 four.5 a hundred twenty five 254 12
500WSG 4000-5500 forty-sixty five 350-450 seventy eight-eighty 650 five hundred four.8 150 250 17
600WSG 5000-9000 55-80 320-four hundred 81-eighty five 650 600 six one hundred sixty 220 35
700WSG 8000-12000 sixty-eighty five 280-380 83-85 750 700 6 one hundred eighty 280 fifty
800WSG 10000-15000 fifty-70 260-360 seventy nine-80 850 800 6 200 300 58
900WSG 12000-19000 fifty-seventy five 280-330 83-eighty five 950 900 6 210 320 eighty five
1000WSG 16000-25000 23-seventy six one hundred eighty-290 eighty five-87 1100 one thousand six 230 350 126

4 Inch Sand Dredging Pump