A10vo Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Rexroth Brand for Constructions

A10vo Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Rexroth Brand for Constructions

 A10vo  series CZPT Piston Pump CZPT Model for CZPTs

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A10VO pump
Collection 31 model: A10VO18, A10VO28, A10VO45, A10VO71, A10VO100, A10VO140
Sequence 32 product: A10VO45, A10VO71, A10VO100, A10VO140, A10VO180
Sequence 52 & fifty three product: A10VO10, A10VO18, A10VO28, A10VO45, A10VO63, A10VO85


Open up circuit
Management devices: DR, DRG, DFR, DFR1, DFLR, ED, FHD and EF.
Nominal stress 280 bars. Peak strain 350 bars.
– CZPT axial piston pump A10VO variable in swash plate style for hydrostatic transmissions in open up loop circuit
– Circulation is proportional to generate speed and displacement, by changing the swash plate angle it is feasible to infinitely differ the stream
– Mounting flange acc. to SAE J744
– Flanged ports acc. to SAE J518
– two scenario drain ports
– Great suction qualities
– Permissible functioning strain 280 bar
– Lower noise degree
– Long services life
– Axial and radial loading of travel shaft attainable
– Higher power to fat ratio
– Broad selection of controls
-Short response occasions

Prior to venture design and style, make sure you see our information sheets RE 95710 (mineral oil ) and RE 95711 (ecologically acceptable fluids) for thorough info on fluids and software situations. When making use of ecologically suitable fluids consideration must be compensated to feasible constraints of the technological data.
Notes on the selection of hydraulic fluid
In buy to choose the correct fluid, it is essential to know the operating temperature in the tank (open circuit) in relation to the ambient temperature. The hydraulic fluid must be chosen so that inside of the working temperature selection, the viscosity lies inside of the ideal assortment (νopt.) see shaded segment of the selection diagram. We suggest that the higher viscosity grade is selected in each situation. Instance: at an ambient temperature of X°C the working temperature in the tank is 60 °C. In the ideal viscosity range νopt (shaded region), this corresponds to viscosity grades VG forty six or VG 68, VG sixty eight should be selected. Important: The leakage oil  temperature is motivated by stress and speed and is typically higher than the tank temperature. Nevertheless max. temperature at any position in the method might not exceed one hundred fifteen °C. At higher temperatures please use FKM seals.
DG – two position, direct control
The pump can be established to a minimum swivel angle by connecting an external switching stress to port X. This will offer the manage piston straight with control oil a minimal strain of 50 bar is needed.
DR – Stress control 
The strain management serves to preserve a consistent force in the hydraulic technique, in the handle range of the pump. The pump therefore supplies only the amount of hydraulic fluid essential by the actuators. Pressure can be steplessly set at the pilot valve.
DRG – Stress management, remote  
A strain aid valve may be externally piped to port X for remote manage reasons. However it is not incorporated in the scope of source with the DRG management. The differential pressure at the DRG management spool is set as common to twenty bar and this results in a pilot flow of one,5 L/min. If another environment is essential, please condition this in clear textual content.
DFR/DFR1-Pressure-stream control  
In addition to the force manage operate, the pump stream to the actuator could be different by means of a differential force (eg. over an orifice or directional control valve). The pump supplies only the quantity of fluid as essential by the actuator. In the DFR1-valve
DFLR – Force/flow/electrical power control   
In order to accomplish a consistent generate torque with a various working stress, the swivel angle and with it the output circulation from the axial piston device is different so that the solution of stream and pressure continues to be continual.
FHD – Displacement manage, pilot stress dependent, with strain control   
The swivel angle of the pump, and consequently the displacement or movement, is dependent on the pilot force pSt X in port X.
A continual stress py = 35 bar is needed at port Y. An overriding force control is built-in, and can be sleeplessly established at the management valve.

Specialized Knowledge Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A10VO
Desk of values (theoretical values, with no performance and tolerances values rounded)

CZPT A10VO Displacement Max Velocity [rpm] Stream Bodyweight
cm three /r [ in three /r] gpm [L/min] kg [lbs]
A10VO28DFR/31 28/one.seventy one 3600 22.two/eighty four fifteen/33
A10VO28DFR1/31 28/1.71 3600 22.2/84 15/33
A10VO28DR/31 28/1.seventy one 3600 22.2/84 15/33
A10VO28DRG/31 28/1.seventy one 3600 22.2/eighty four fifteen/33
A10VO28DFLR/31 28/1.seventy one 3600 22.two/84 15/33
A10VO28ED/31 28/one.seventy one 3600 22.two/eighty four fifteen/33
A10VO28FHD/31 28/one.71 3600 22.2/84 fifteen/33
A10VO28EF/31 28/one.seventy one 3600 22.2/eighty four fifteen/33
A10VO45DFR/31 45/two.seventy five 3100 thirty.9/117 21/forty six
A10VO45DFR1/31 45/2.75 3100 thirty.nine/117 21/46
A10VO45DR/31 forty five/2.seventy five 3100 thirty.9/117 21/46
A10VO45DRG/31 45/two.75 3100 thirty.nine/117 21/46
A10VO45DFLR/31 forty five/two.seventy five 3100 thirty.nine/117 21/forty six
A10VO45ED/31 forty five/two.75 3100 30.9/117 21/46
A10VO45FHD/31 45/two.75 3100 30.nine/117 21/forty six
A10VO45EF/31 45/2.75 3100 30.9/117 21/46
A10VO71DFR/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 41.2/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71DFR1/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 41.2/156 33/73
A10VO71DR/31 71/4.33 2600 forty one.2/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71DRG/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 41.two/156 33/73
A10VO71DFLR/31 seventy one/4.33 2600 41.two/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71ED/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 forty one.2/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71FHD/31 71/four.33 2600 41.two/156 33/73
A10VO71EF/31 71/4.33 2600 41.two/156 33/seventy three
A10VO100DFR/31 one hundred/six.1 2400 fifty two.8/two hundred 45/ninety nine
A10VO100DFR1/31 one hundred/6.1 2400 52.eight/two hundred forty five/99
A10VO100DR/31 a hundred/six.1 2400 fifty two.8/two hundred forty five/99
A10VO100DRG/31 100/six.one 2400 fifty two.8/200 forty five/ninety nine
A10VO100DFLR/31 one hundred/six.one 2400 52.8/200 forty five/ninety nine
A10VO100ED/31 100/six.one 2400 52.8/200 forty five/ninety nine
A10VO100FHD/31 a hundred/6.one 2400 52.8/two hundred 45/ninety nine
A10VO100EF/31 a hundred/six.1 2400 fifty two.8/200 45/99
A10VO140DFR/31 140/8.fifty four 2100 22.2/84 60/132
A10VO140DFR1/31 a hundred and forty/eight.fifty four 2100 22.two/84 60/132
A10VO140DR/31 one hundred forty/eight.54 2100 22.two/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140DRG/31 a hundred and forty/eight.54 2100 22.two/84 sixty/132
A10VO140DFLR/31 one hundred forty/eight.fifty four 2100 22.two/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140ED/31 140/eight.fifty four 2100 22.2/eighty four sixty/132
A10VO140FHD/31 140/8.fifty four 2100 22.2/84 sixty/132
A10VO140EF/31 140/8.54 2100 22.two/eighty four sixty/132


A10vo Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Rexroth Brand for Constructions