Blince Omh Bmh500cc Hydraulic Motor for Pump Truck

Blince Omh Bmh500cc Hydraulic Motor for Pump Truck

                  CZPT OMH BMH 500cc hydraulic motor for pump truck

three-M6 Circle-flange, pilot Ø31.5×5 
3-1/4-28UNF Circle flange,pilot Ø31.5×5
two-Ø9 Rhomb-flange, pilot Ø63×2

Shaft Ø16, parallel key 5×5×16
Shaft Ø15.875, parallel important four.8×4.8×19.05
Shaft Ø16.five, involute B17×14, DIN5482
Port and drain port:
G3/8, G1/8
nine/16-18UNF, 3/eight-24UNF
End port G3/eight, G1/eight
Stop port 9/sixteen-18UNF, 3/eight-24UNF

two,Packing information of CZPT OMH CZPT motors

                             1,sale packing contians carton or wooden circumstance
                             2,interior packing is higher top quality movie

                             3,as your requests

CZPT manufacturing facility : 

CZPT profssion supply all collection hydraulic motor like OMM/OMP/OMPH/OMR/OMRS/OZ/Alright
/OMH/OMSY/OMT/OMV hydraulic orbit motor,hydraulic pump like ( PV2R sequence /V sequence / SQP 
collection ) vane pumps. If you are interested  in any our CZPT hydraulic motor pls make contact with me.

Type  OMH
four hundred
five hundred
Displacement (cc/rev) 203.two 255.nine 316.five 406.four 489.2
Max torque
cont 510 621 740 850 830
  inter 439 348 282 220 184
Max strain
cont seventeen.five seventeen.5 seventeen.five fifteen.5 twelve.five
  inter twenty twenty 20 19 sixteen
Max speed price
cont 366 290 236 183 a hundred and fifty five
  inter 439 348 282 220 184
Max stream
cont seventy five 75 75 seventy five 75
  inter ninety 90 ninety ninety ninety
Weight  (kg)
10.five eleven eleven.five twelve.three thirteen.

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Blince Omh Bmh500cc Hydraulic Motor for Pump Truck