Block Paving Machine with Diesel Engine and Hydraulic System

Block Paving Machine with Diesel Engine and Hydraulic System

Block paving device with diesel motor and hydraulic method(QT4-30)

 1. Positive aspects:

1. Diesel Motor Electrical power (CZPT Option Available)
2. CZPT Push, Large Toughness of Block and Colored Paver
3. Produce sizes of hollow block, reliable brick, hourdis, interlocking paver and curbstone by modifying molds
four. Suitable For Medium and Little-Scale Block Factory

2. CZPT Power List of QT4-30 diesel motor hydraulic cement brick creating line

No. Title of Device Power Description
A QT4-thirty Block Device 15HP 1. Diesel Energy: 15HP
two. Oil Use 3L/Hour
three. CZPT Press: 21MPa
four. Pallet Dimensions: 850*550*20mm
B JQ350D Diesel Mixer 10HP 1. Diesel Energy: 10HP
2. OIl Use: 2L/Hour
three. Ability 350L
  Barrows Without Have fresh block to curing internet sites
Whole: QT4-30 block creating line overall power is 20HP

3. Worker Figures : four-five Employees
Two Workers to load materials into mixer
One particular Worker to function block device and incorporate pallet to block machine
One or Two Employees to carry refreshing blocks to curing sites.

4. Factory Region for QT4-30 cement brick making line: 600-1000M2
Shelter for Machines: 30M2 (6*5mm)

five. Pallet Variety: 600pcs pallet for QT4-thirty diesel hydraulic hollow brick equipment.
CZPT pallet, fiber (GMT) pallet and PVC pallet are obtainable. According to Ordeals and Comments from our consumers, we advocate you the Fiber Pallet:

Main specialized parameter

QT4-30 diesel hydraulic paving block machine technological parameter

Dimension of host machine 1440x1330x1720 (LxWxH)
complete equipment electricity thirteen.34 kW(18. HP) 2200 r/min
cycle for each mould 30s
Dimension of diesel motor hydraulic station 1400x900x1320mm (LxWxH)
Diesel engine specification Changchai ZS1105
Excess weight 1300KGS
Pallet dimension 850x450x25mm
Block kind block, paver, curbstone and so on
Oil intake 2L/H
Diesel engine beginning method CZPT start off
Rated strain 15Mpa
Vibration force 30KN


Theoretical generation capability

Dimension(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/Shift
400x200x200mm hollow 4 480 3840
400x100x200mm hollow seven 840 6720
400x150x200mm hollow 5 600 4800
400x250x200mm hollow 3 360 2880
200x160x60mm paver twelve 1440 11520
245x130x60mm paver 9 1080 8640
200x100x60mm paver sixteen 1920 15360
415x300x100mm control two 240 1920


Block Paving Machine with Diesel Engine and Hydraulic System