Bzz3-125 Hydraulic Steering Control Units for Pilot Hydraulic System

Bzz3-125 Hydraulic Steering Control Units for Pilot Hydraulic System

BZZ1, BZZ2, BZZ3 CZPT steering management models(SCU), is a normal design. Its displacement is fifty to 1000ml/r, with better functionality and widely application. This collection units are totally interchangeable with Danfoss, Eaton and M+S .

The procedure of steering management device is completely hydrostatic. That is, there is no mechanical relationship in between steering column and steered wheels. CZPT pipes and hoses link steering manage models and hydraulic cylinders collectively. When steering wheel is turned, the steering manage unit meters specific quantity oil according to the proportion of rotation of steering wheel. This specified quantity oil is directed to the proper facet of steering cylinder, at the same time, the displaced oil is directed to the tank.

one. Remove mechanical link to minimize value of OEM, give reliable and transportable structure
two. comfortable operation, protected and reliable performance
3. steady unlimited handle motion with quite low control torque
4. a extensive variety for management circuits and device dimensions
5. perform with numerous sorts of steering pump and fluid supply technique

Applications are tractors, combines, elevate vehicles, hydraulic rudder of ships, wheel loaders, design machinery, forklift and other hefty vehicles.

Design Introduction:

  Principal Specification:

Model Displacement (ml/r) Flow (L/min) Max. enter force (Mpa) Max.cont.back again pressure (MPa) Fat (kg)
BZZ1,2,three-E50* 50 four sixteen 2.5 four.seventy two
BZZ1,2,3-E80* 80 six 5.
BZZ1,two,3-E100* one hundred 7.five 5.27
BZZ1,two,3-E125* a hundred twenty five 9.5 five.43
BZZ1,2,three-E160* one hundred sixty twelve five.75
BZZ1,two,3-E200* 200 fifteen 6.08
BZZ1,2,3-E250* 250 19 six.forty eight
BZZ1,two,3-E280* 280 21 six.seventy eight
BZZ1,two,3-E315* 315 24 seven.13
BZZ1,two,3-E400* four hundred thirty seven.78
BZZ1,two,3-E500* 500 38 eight.sixty seven
BZZ1,2,three-E630* 630 48 9.72
BZZ1,two,three-E800* 800 sixty eleven.eighteen
BZZ1,two,three-E1000* one thousand seventy five 12.eight


Mounting Proportions:


Model Size (mm)
BZZ1,two,three-E50* 140
BZZ1,two,3-E80* 142.5
BZZ1,two,three-E100* one hundred forty five
BZZ1,two,3-E125* 148
BZZ1,two,three-E160* 153
BZZ1,2,3-E200* 158
BZZ1,two,three-E250* 164
BZZ1,two,3-E280* 169
BZZ1,two,3-E315* 174
BZZ1,2,3-E400* 184
BZZ1,2,3-E500* 197
BZZ1,two,3-E630* 216
BZZ1,two,3-E800* 236
BZZ1,2,three-E1000* 262

Creating Workshop:


Bzz3-125 Hydraulic Steering Control Units for Pilot Hydraulic System