China Good quality Heavy Duty Industrial Double Drum Hydraulic Winch with Fast Low Two Speed

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Introduction of Heavy Duty Industrial Double Drum Hydraulic Winch With Fast Low Two Speed

Electric winch  are composed of base, motor, elastic coupling, hydraulic brake, enclosed triple-reduction gear box, reel and brackets with electrical control cabinet.zmwm02

When the motor starts, the elastic coupling drives the reduction gear box, then of which the output shaft drives the revolution of reel. All the motors are the JSDB-series products adopting the national standard (GB).

The work or brake of the reel relies on the hydraulic brake. The brake and motor works synchronously, therefore when the power is cut off, the reel is braked simultaneously, of which the process is fast, sensitive, safe and reliable.


Parameter of Heavy Duty Industrial Double Drum Hydraulic Winch With Fast Low Two Speed

Model JSDB-10 JSDB-12 JSDB-13 JSDB-15 JSDB-16 JSDB-19 JSDB-25 JSDB-30
Fast Slow Fast Slow Fast Slow Fast Slow Fast Slow Fast Slow Fast Slow Fast Slow
Wire rope static tension KN Outer layer Max. 14.5 100 15 120 15 130 18 150 25.4 160 27.8 190 30 250 38 300
Inner layer Max. 22.1 140 22.1 160 29.1 200 30 250 36.6 280 43.4 320 56 390 56 470
Average 18.3 120 18.3 140 22.05 165 23 200 30.5 220 35.6 255 43 320 43 380
Wire Rope speed m/s Max. 1.3 0.2 1.3 0.2 1.3 0.2 1.39 0.2 1.39 0.2 1.6 0.2 1.51 0.2 1.66 0.2
Outer layer
Average 1.075 0.18 1.075 0.18 1.11 0.18 1.235 0.17 1.235 0.17 1.31 0.18 4.145 0.16 1.145 0.174
Drum Size Wire Rope Length m 120 180 180 300 300 500 500 800
Drum Dia.*Width ф430*430 ф430*443 ф435*530 ф470*530 ф510*530 ф545*570 ф545*760 ф650*800
Wire Rope size Dia. 20 22 24 28 28 30 30 30
Structure 6*19
Nominal tensile strength kn 1670
Motor Type YBK2-200L1-6 YBK2-200L2-6 YBK2-200L2-6 YBK2-200L2-6 YBK2-250M-6 YBK2-280S-6 YBK2-280M-6 YBK3-315S-6
Power KW 18.5 18.5 22 22 37 45 55 75
Revolution rpm 970 970 970 980 980 980 980 980
Voltage V 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140
Dimension L*W*H 2540*785*800 2540*785*800 3182*968*987 3260*1060*1060 3260*1060*1060 3825*1214*1470 3875*1274*1187 4750*1516*1512
Weight 2340 2600 3900 4400 5000 5480 7800 8200
(with motor)(kg)




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After-sales Service: on Line or Video
Warranty: One Year
Type: Electric Winch
Driven Type: DC
Speed: Fast
Carrying Capacity: Weight Level
US$ 7500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




hydraulic winches

How do hydraulic winches contribute to heavy-duty applications such as towing or construction?

Hydraulic winches play a crucial role in heavy-duty applications like towing and construction, offering several advantages that contribute to their effectiveness in these industries:

  • 1. High Load Capacity: Hydraulic winches are known for their high load capacity, making them well-suited for heavy-duty tasks. They can handle substantial loads, such as large construction equipment, vehicles, or materials, with ease.
  • 2. Precise Load Control: In towing and construction, precision is vital. Hydraulic winches provide precise control over load movement, allowing operators to position heavy objects accurately and safely. This level of control is essential when maneuvering equipment or securing loads.
  • 3. Variable Line Speed: Hydraulic winches offer variable line speed control, which is beneficial in heavy-duty applications. Operators can adjust the winch’s speed to match the specific requirements of the task, whether it’s slow and controlled movement or rapid retrieval.
  • 4. Durability and Reliability: Heavy-duty environments demand equipment that can withstand harsh conditions. Hydraulic winches are designed for durability and reliability, making them dependable in rugged construction sites or challenging towing situations.
  • 5. Overload Protection: Many hydraulic winches feature overload protection mechanisms. This safety feature prevents the winch from exerting excessive force, reducing the risk of equipment damage or accidents in towing and construction scenarios.
  • 6. Adaptability to Different Vehicles: Hydraulic winches can be mounted on various types of vehicles, including tow trucks, construction machinery, and off-road vehicles. Their versatility ensures they can be used in a wide range of heavy-duty applications.
  • 7. Remote Control: Remote control options allow operators to control hydraulic winches from a safe distance, increasing operator safety during heavy lifting or towing tasks.
  • 8. Smooth Operation: Hydraulic winches provide smooth and consistent operation, reducing the risk of shock loading. This is critical when moving heavy loads or towing vehicles to prevent sudden jolts or equipment stress.
  • 9. Adaptability to Environmental Conditions: Hydraulic winches can be equipped with features like special seals or temperature control mechanisms to operate effectively in extreme weather conditions or corrosive environments, which are common in construction and towing applications.

Overall, hydraulic winches are indispensable tools in heavy-duty applications like towing and construction, where their high load capacity, precision, durability, and safety features contribute to efficient and reliable operations.

hydraulic winches

What advantages do hydraulic winches offer in terms of speed and control during operation?

Hydraulic winches offer distinct advantages in terms of both speed and control during operation, making them valuable tools in various applications. Here are the key advantages:

  • 1. Precise Control: Hydraulic winches provide precise control over load movement. Operators can vary the speed and direction of the winch with accuracy, allowing for controlled positioning, lifting, or pulling. This level of control is crucial in applications where safety and precision are paramount.
  • 2. Variable Line Speed: Hydraulic winches offer variable line speed capabilities. By adjusting the hydraulic flow rate, operators can control the winch’s line speed, allowing for both rapid retrieval and slow, controlled movements as needed. This flexibility is beneficial in tasks with diverse speed requirements.
  • 3. Smooth Operation: Hydraulic systems are known for their smooth and consistent operation. This smoothness minimizes jerky movements and sudden stops, reducing the risk of shock-loading and stress on equipment and loads. It also enhances operator comfort and safety.
  • 4. High Torque Output: Hydraulic winches generate high torque, making them capable of handling heavy loads efficiently. This high torque output ensures that the winch can pull or lift substantial weights without strain or slowing down, even in challenging conditions.
  • 5. Constant Force: Hydraulic systems maintain a constant force output regardless of the load. This means that the winch’s performance remains consistent, and it can maintain pulling or lifting force even when facing resistance or obstacles. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments based on load variations.
  • 6. Adjustable Pressure: Operators can adjust the hydraulic pressure to match the specific requirements of the task. Higher pressure results in increased force and faster winch speed, while lower pressure offers finer control and reduced speed. This adaptability is advantageous for diverse applications.
  • 7. Overload Protection: Many hydraulic winches are equipped with overload protection mechanisms. These features prevent the winch from exerting excessive force, protecting against overloading and potential equipment damage. They enhance safety during operation.

These advantages make hydraulic winches particularly well-suited for applications that demand precise control, variable speed, and the ability to handle heavy loads efficiently. Industries such as construction, mining, marine, and forestry rely on hydraulic winches to ensure safe and effective load handling.

hydraulic winches

In what scenarios are hydraulic winches commonly used, and what advantages do they offer?

Hydraulic winches find common use in various scenarios across different industries, thanks to the advantages they offer. Here are scenarios where hydraulic winches are commonly employed and their associated benefits:

  • 1. Off-Road and Recovery: Hydraulic winches are extensively used in off-road vehicles, including trucks, jeeps, and ATV/UTVs, for self-recovery and assisting stuck vehicles in challenging terrains. Advantages include their high pulling power and durability in rugged conditions.
  • 2. Construction and Material Handling: In construction and material handling, hydraulic winches are employed for lifting heavy materials, positioning equipment, and pulling loads. They offer precise control, high load capacity, and continuous operation, making them indispensable for construction tasks.
  • 3. Marine and Maritime: Hydraulic winches play a crucial role in maritime industries for anchor handling, mooring operations, and cargo handling on ships and offshore platforms. They offer resistance to saltwater corrosion and ensure safe vessel operations.
  • 4. Oil and Gas: The oil and gas sector relies on hydraulic winches for lifting heavy equipment, handling drilling tools, and controlling rig components during drilling and well servicing operations. They provide strength and reliability in demanding environments.
  • 5. Forestry and Logging: In forestry, hydraulic winches are used for skidding and hauling logs. Their robustness and load capacity make them ideal for moving heavy timber through challenging terrain, enhancing efficiency in logging operations.
  • 6. Agriculture: Agricultural machinery, such as tractors and combines, may employ hydraulic winches for various applications, including lifting and lowering implements and adjusting equipment height. They contribute to agricultural productivity and versatility.
  • 7. Mining: The mining industry uses hydraulic winches for hauling ore, positioning heavy machinery, and handling materials underground. Their ability to withstand harsh mining conditions and handle substantial loads is critical for mining operations.
  • 8. Industrial Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities utilize hydraulic winches for material handling, machinery positioning, and assembly line operations. They offer precise control over movement, improving manufacturing efficiency.
  • 9. Utilities and Power Generation: Utilities and power generation companies employ hydraulic winches for tasks like installing utility poles, positioning power line components, and equipment maintenance. They ensure safe and reliable infrastructure operations.
  • 10. Emergency Services: Hydraulic winches are vital for fire departments and emergency response teams for vehicle extrication and rescue operations. They assist in freeing trapped individuals and recovering vehicles in emergency situations.

Advantages of hydraulic winches in these scenarios include their exceptional load capacity, precise control, durability, resistance to harsh environments, continuous operation capability, and adaptability to a wide range of tasks. These qualities make hydraulic winches a preferred choice for industries that require heavy-duty and reliable winching solutions.

China Good quality Heavy Duty Industrial Double Drum Hydraulic Winch with Fast Low Two Speed  China Good quality Heavy Duty Industrial Double Drum Hydraulic Winch with Fast Low Two Speed
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