Food Grade Liquid Beverage Water Screw Pump

Food Grade Liquid Beverage Water Screw Pump

Foodstuff Grade Liquid/Beverage/Water Screw Pump

ACE Brand G Sequence Screw Lotion Pump

Handling various medium with out strong.

Viscosity: 1-1500mm2/s, the viscosity can achieve up to 3x106mm2/s when diminished the speed.

Strain assortment:four.0MPa

Capability variety:one-2000m3/h

Temperature assortment: -15ºC–280ºC.

G variety mono screw pump sewage pumps progressive cavity pump belongs to the rotor variety constructive displacement pump, it is rely on the screw meshing with liner on the discharge and suction cavity to conveying liquid quantity alter.It is a type of method of pressurized screw pump, a main operating components by bushing has a double helix cavity (stator) and the stator cavity and its meshing singlehead screw screw (rotor).When the enter shaft via the universal joint drive creating planets revolving all around the heart of the stator, rotor stator, rotor, vice is ongoing mesh kind sealed cavity, the seal chamber volume invariably uniform axial motion, the medium from the suction end of deputy to the stator, rotor strain facet, the suction medium sealed cavity through the stator without stirring and destruction.

Employing Selection Profile:


 1.CZPT: Sewage delivery, dewatering slud1. petroleum-market: Thickened oil supply,oil and gasoline mised delivery, polymer shipping and delivery.

two. Chemical and Pharmacy: Paste issues, lactescence, suspension, liquid consists of gas and solid.

three. Environmege delivery, measuring input of flocculnt and chemical planning, oil and drinking water individual and waste fuel desulfurization.

4. Mineral Items CZPT: Drinking water gasoline equipment and shipping and delivery, creation tools of titanium white/ kaolin/ hydraulic, feeding to spiral-movement and filter, chemical enter, charging and grouting, electrolyte therapy.

five.Food Market: Dairy products, juice/puree/ condiment, beer.

six.Paper generating: Uncooked content equipment, procedure of coating/ tinting, chemical measuring, slag/ waste h2o remedy.


seven.Screw Lotion Pump


Screw Lotion Pump is also named colloid pump, 3-lobe pump, sole pump, and many others. 

When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors revolve, it makes suction drive at the inlet (vacuum), which intakes the content sent.

Rotary lobe pumps can deal with slurries, pastes, and a assortment of liquids. If wetted, they offer self-priming functionality. A mild pumping motion minimizes product degradation. They also offer you constant and intermittent reversible flows and can operate dry for quick durations of time. Movement is reasonably unbiased of changes in approach strain, way too, so output is reasonably continuous and constant.



Food Grade Liquid Beverage Water Screw Pump