Food Grade Stainless Steel Honey and Syrup Transfer Pump

Food Grade Stainless Steel Honey and Syrup Transfer Pump

Lobe Pump
Model: CZPT
Substance :304(L) 316(L)
End: Mirror or Matt Polish Ra<0.4um
Hook up:Tri Clamped,Flange
Rotary lobe pump is commonly used to transfer different specific materials, rigid content, combination with distinct distinct gravity, corrosive content and material with massive particle, this kind of as yogurt, cheese, fruit jam, shampoo, cosmetics, syrup, paint and so on.

one. Driving Method

Stepless Speed Regulation Lobe Pump. The speed regulator adjustments the speed by manual adjustment, which is risk-free, dependable and infinitive movement adjustment. But the non-automatic adjustment is also troublesome. Speed regulating ought to be accomplished in procedure not in shut-off condition..

Resolve Speed Output Reducer Lobe Pump: The driving is straightforward with consistent rotary speed of the rotor,which also prospects to non-adjustablity of flow.

Variable Frequency Motor + Frequency Converter Lobe Pump: It realizes the two automatic adjusting and infinitive adjustment of flow. It is highly automatic and has massive torque in reduced velocity.


2. Link sort: clamp, flange, thread.

3. Make contact with material: SS304, SS316, 316L.


4. Seal: silicon rubber, fluorine rubber, EPDM, PTFE rubber, nitrile rubber and so forth.


5. Mechanical seal: one encounter with silicon carbide/ hard alloy faces standard.


Model Liter Per 100Round Suggest Speed(rpm) Stream(L/H) Electrical power(KW)
BLS-3 3L two hundred-500 300-800 .fifty five
BLS-six 6L two hundred-five hundred 650-1600 .75
BLS-8 8L two hundred-five hundred 850-2160 1.5
BLS-twelve 12L two hundred-500 1300-3200 two.two
BLS-twenty 20L two hundred-five hundred 2100-5400 3
BLS-30 30L two hundred-400 3200-6400 four
BLS-36 36L 200-400 3800-7600 four
BLS-fifty two 52L 200-400 5600-11000 five.five
BLS-66 66L two hundred-four hundred 7100-14000 7.5
BLS-78 78L two hundred-four hundred 9000-18000 7.five
BLS-a hundred 100L 200-four hundred 11000-22000 11
BLS-a hundred thirty five 135L two hundred-400 15000-30000 fifteen
BLS-a hundred and sixty 160L two hundred-400 17000-34000 18.5
BLS-two hundred 200L two hundred-four hundred 21600-43000 22

Food Grade Stainless Steel Honey and Syrup Transfer Pump