Funik China Factory Ccgw CBN Cutting Inserts for Gear Turning

Funik China Factory Ccgw CBN Cutting Inserts for Gear Turning

Solution Description

FUNIK PCBN inserts are extensively used in processing pearlitic cast iron, substantial chromium and nickel alloy cast iron, hardened steel, powder steel, challenging alloy and super alloy. In the mechanical machining software of the classic method, not only it has significantly diminished the complete production cost, but also drastically improved the production potential and effectiveness during the entire production procedure, and the equipment investment decision is significantly reduced at the exact same time.

Positive aspects of Funik Progressive PCBN Insert:
√ Exceptional cost performance
The service life of Funik PCBN cutting device inserts can be much more than 10 instances that of carbide insert and lessen the expense of thorough cutting instrument by thirty%-fifty%. The interval time amongst the replacements of Funik CBN insert is long and the insert replacement frequency is much less, which can considerably lessen the price on inserts.

√ High machining effectiveness
The machining efficiency of Funik PCBN chopping instrument inserts is five-ten times that of the carbide insert, which tremendously improves the equipment capability and minimizes the mounted expenditure of products.

√ Outstanding surface area high quality
Surface area complete and dimensional precision of machining workpiece of Funik CBN inserts can get to the grinding amount, and make turning rather of grinding to decrease tools expense.

√ Powerful universality
Funik CBN slicing instrument inserts can be employed for both dry reducing and soaked cutting and one grade normally is ideal for machining a variety of components.

Item Parameters

Quality and Applicable Market of Funik Effect-resistant CBN Sound Insert

Quality Machining model Applicable business Workpiece content
FBN7600 Rough/ Semi-finishing Roll, slurry pump
CZPT disc
CZPT drum
Rolling mortar wall
Elements of compressor
Substantial nickel-chromium
High hardness alloy forged iron
Higher pace steel
Gray forged iron
Substantial manganese steel
FBN9500 Tough/ Semi-ending Equipment
Mining equipment
Coal mine equipment
Hardened steel
Surface area overlaying substance
FBN9500 C06 Semi-finishing/ Ending Gear
Mining machinery
Coal mine equipment
Hardened steel
Cemented metal
Surface overlaying materials

Funik CBN Sound Insert

A lot more Options

Quality and Relevant Sector of Funik FBV Double-layer Composite Insert

Grade Machining model Relevant business Workpiece substance Characteristic
FBV7200 Ending CZPT disc
CZPT drum
Elements of compressor
Gray solid iron Making use of CBN particles, with substantial CBN content material, exceptional wear resistance

Constant to interrupted large-pace finishing to attain large good quality and stable floor roughness

FBV5800 Finishing Equipment
Components of compressor
Hardened metal
Gray forged iron
Outstanding put on resistance and crater put on resistance

Overall performance is best for constant to mild interrupted ending

FBV7200 C07 Ending CZPT disc
CZPT drum
Elements of compressor
Gray solid iron The coating can attain stable and exceptional roughness in substantial precision machining

The coating bonding toughness is higher and it can  achieve a extended  machining life, which is about thirty%-50% lengthier than FBV7200

FBV5800 C06 Finishing Gear
Components of compressor
Hardened steel
Grey forged iron
The coating improves the capacity of the insert to suppress the crater put on

The coating bonding energy is substantial and it can preserve steady machining for a extended time, and existence is about 50% more time than FBV5800

Funik Tremendous Ending CBN Tipped Insert

Grade and Relevant Business of Funik CBN Coating Insert

Quality Machining model Applicable industry Workpiece substance Characteristic Chopping speed
Slicing fluid
FBK7520 C07 Finishing  CZPT disc
Gray cast iron
Powder metallurgy
Able of the machining of various components

From interrupted to constant high velocity finishing

The coating bonding toughness is sturdy and it can effectively increase the life of reducing device



Dry minimize or damp lower
FBK9540 C06 Finishing Equipment
Hardened steel Outstanding thermal stability and purple hardness consequence in distinguished wear resistance

High pace constant ending

The outstanding substantial temperature and dress in resistance of the coating can significantly minimize the dress in of the reducing suggestion

a hundred and eighty-300 Dry cut or moist minimize
FBK9550 C06 Finishing Equipment
Bearing metal
Cemented steel
The dress in resistance and collapse resistance are comparatively well balanced

Medium interrupted and constant ending

The excellent higher temperature and wear resistance of the coating can significantly reduce the dress in of the slicing suggestion

100-175 Dry lower or moist minimize
FBK9560 C06 Finishing Equipment
Cemented metal Sturdy collapse resistance and reducing tip handling

Large interrupted finishing

The excellent large temperature and wear resistance of the coating can drastically minimize the use of the resource nose

100-200 Dry minimize

Funik Super Ending CBN Coating Insert

Producing and Inspetion



Funik PCBN inserts are utilised for turning and milling of centrifugal rolls, slurry pumps, brake discs, brake drums, rolling mortar walls, compressor elements, gears, bearings, mining equipment, coal mining machinery industries.

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Organization Profile



Q1: Are you buying and selling firm or company? 

We are the world’s leading producer of tremendous abrasives, pcb reducing resource blank, pcbn slicing tool blank and superhard slicing equipment considering that 1988 (ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 certificated).

Q2: What is your principal marketplace?
Our industry is mainly in Europe, The usa and Asia. Now we are operating with a lot of world best five hundred firms, like 3M, TOYOTA, GM, CZPT-Gobain, CZPT, SUMITOMO, Panasonic and Samsung and so on.

Q3: Is customization accessible?
Of course. We can OEM the items with your specifications.

This fall: What is your supply way and delivery time?
Typically the shipping and delivery time is 1-2 months and the delivery way is by air.  

Q5: Are samples obtainable for top quality check?
Yes. we can offer sample for high quality check. 

Funik China Factory Ccgw CBN Cutting Inserts for Gear Turning