High Quality Gear Oil Pump

High Quality Gear Oil Pump

Gear oil pump edge:

1. Higher viscosity

two. Very good self suction potential

3. Lubricating pump

4. Easy framework, hassle-free maintain

KCB Equipment Oil Pump

KCB oil pump is primarily utilised to have a variety of lubricating oil or viscosity oil.

KCB oil pump is horizontal rotary pump.


1. Lubricating oil: Crude oil, diesel oil, lubricants, oil-kind liquid.

2. With copper equipment can transmit lower flash position liquid, such as gasoline, benzene.

three. Making use of stainless metal can pump weak corrosive liquid and meals beverage.

The temperature can not exceed 70 diploma Centigrade With higher temperature resistance content can get to

        Model                            Capacity  (L/min) Pressure  (bar) Suction  Head  (m) Power    (kw) Diameter  (Inch) Speed  (r/min)
KCB18.3  eighteen.3 14.five five one.5 three/4 1400
KCB33.three 33.three fourteen.five 5 two.two 3/4 1420
KCB55      fifty five three.3 five 1.5 one 1400
KCB83.3  83.three 3.three five two.2 1  1/2 1420
KCB133.3  133.3 3.three 5 four 2 1450
KCB200    two hundred three.3 5 4 two 1450
KCB200    two hundred six five five.five two 1450
KCB200  200 ten five seven.five two 1450
KCB300    300 6 5 five.five 3 960
KCB483.three 483.three 3.6 five 7.5 3 1450
KCB633  633 10 five eleven 3 1450
KCB960    960 two.eight five eleven four 960


High Quality Gear Oil Pump