Hot Sale Cement Drilling Mud Pump for Transporting Sludge

Hot Sale Cement Drilling Mud Pump for Transporting Sludge

Very hot Sale Cement Drilling Mud Pump for Transporting Sludge

Solution parameters:

Product BW150 BW160 BW250 BW320
Max. targeted traffic 150L/min 160L/min 250L/min 320L/min
Max. force 7Mpa 10Mpa 6Mpa 8Mpa
Electricity seven.5kw 11kw 15kw 30kw
Inlet pipe diameter 51mm 51mm 76mm 76mm
Outlet pipe diameter 32mm 32mm 51mm 51mm
Fat 560kg 480kg 760kg 1000kg

Design BW-250 mud pump is a horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston pump, the pump with two cylinder and four file variable. The large cylinder for supporting the a thousand meters of huge diameter drill, small cylinder for supporting the1500 meters of small diameter drill. Mainly employed for the core drilling mud pump, can also be utilised for other aspects of mine grouting,drainage and extended distance water supply and other needs. The pump energy use, flexible procedure, high quality resilient,decomposition is excellent, easy to move.


A horizontal, triplex, one acting reciprocation piston pump. The pump can pick diesel motor 

power, It has basic operation, hassle-free, can achieve near selection or remote management.

two. This pump is a compact structure, sleek procedure, higher output pressure, more time life expectancy,

stable functionality, excellent general and so on.

three. This pump adopts the automobile transmission,Can get 6 distinct discharge and pressure,Realistic

configuration parameters choice,The construction technologies can fulfill diverse specifications.

4. Largely employed drilling fluid in provide for 2000m about core drilling coal subject geology,metallurgy 

geology,hydrogeololgy,drilling fluid can use mud and drinking water, the coal drinking water etc.


1.BW series slurry pump is widely used for grouting and mud jacking in engineering construction.
two.BW250 slurry pump have two cylinders with different diameters and four gear shifts.Output and drilling depth are adjustable,so it can be used to grout cement slurry or equipped with 1500m drilling machine.
3.BW160/10 slurry pump is widely used in railway, hydraulic engineering, metallurgical engineering, building construction, geological exploration, engineering exploration (within 1000m of the drilling depth)and so on. 


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Hot Sale Cement Drilling Mud Pump for Transporting Sludge