Hydraulic Classifier Machine with Automatic Control System Made in China

Hydraulic Classifier Machine with Automatic Control System Made in China

CZPT classifier equipment with automatic control program made in china

Merchandise Introduction :

It is mainly utilised for fine grading of coarse and wonderful mineral particles

Application scope :

largely employed for stringent grinding and assortment of silica sand employed in different industries grinding of coal powder and shale in the coal market

Rewards :

1. The material is subjected to the motion of upwelling drinking water in the barrel to accomplish the function of particle measurement grading and distinct gravity separation, with higher production effectiveness and low vitality intake

2. Equipped with automated control system, the adjustment of procedure parameters is straightforward and hassle-free, easy to control

3. The h2o tank at the bottom of the barrel is outfitted with specific gadget. When the water is stopped, the increasing h2o hole is shut instantly .The supplies in the cylinder human body will not block the gap and enter into the tank .


Model               Feed size 
Classification scope
H2o usage
GSF1200           < 5          0.four-.04      3-7           10-15                      820
GSF1500 < 5          0.four-.04      7-ten           15-20 1200
GSF1800 < 5          0.4-.04      10-15           20-thirty 1770
GSF2100 < 5             0.four-.04      15-twenty           thirty-forty 2540
GSF2400 < 5          0.four-.04      20-twenty five           40-60 3260
GSF3000 < 5          0.4-.04      25-forty           50-80 4160

7.Operating theory:
To make its extremely sharp classification, Hydrosizers use the hindered settling basic principle. 
Feed material (usually Hydrocyclone underflow) enters the leading of the unit by means of a central feed-effectively. Concurrently, process h2o is injected by way of an array of pipes positioned near the base of the separation chamber. This h2o injection brings about an upward increasing existing of drinking water that flows above the peripheral weir and is collected in the overflow launder. As particles in the feed fulfill this growing existing of h2o, finer and less dense fractions are lifted out and swept in excess of the overflow weir. Coarser and denser particles pass downward via this present and are collected in the underflow cone to await discharge. 
Particles that are around the dimension of separation, currently being neither massive enough to migrate to the underflow cone nor little adequate to be lifted out, start to accumulate in the separation chamber. This accumulation is explained as a teetered or fluidized mattress, related in numerous ways to swift sand. Within this teetered bed, solids settle through the tank in an environment recognized as hindered settling. This phenomenon slows down the settling charges of particles and allows them to be more critically reviewed as possibly a member of the coarse or good fraction.

Hydraulic Classifier Machine with Automatic Control System Made in China