Hydraulic Diesel Power System Plate Compactor 360kg Forward and Reverse

Hydraulic Diesel Power System Plate Compactor 360kg Forward and Reverse

CZPT Diesel Energy Program Plate Compactor 360kg Forward and Reverse
Product Introduction:

Vibrating plate compactor is primarily appropriate for the bonding in between tamping particles and components with much less friction, this sort of as river sand, gravel and asphalt.

The electricity device drives the eccentric to create vibration via the pulley, and the bottom plate and the eccentric are fixed jointly, and the transferring eccentric block can change the route of the vibration. In this way, it is achievable to manage the motion route of the plate forward, among the nearby vibration and the backward vibration.

1.Light bodyweight and very portable design,can easily suit in the booth of a standard vehicle.
two.Throttle management ,convient to concontrol the speed ,excellent for precise compaction
three.Cast iron plate will help the machine operate more time
four.Designed the protecting frame with hook convient to maintain the machine 


Design TP400-one TP400-2 TP400-three TP400-4


Motor Kind Diesel KM12DL-500F Petrol390F Robin EX40 Honda GX390 BLT25T2
Power(KW) 8.two eight.2 10.three nine.6 9.6
Plate Size(cm/in) 89*sixty seven
Centrifugal Bodyweight(KN) 45
Vibration Frequency(hz) 4015
Vacation Speed(m/min) 24


Design TP5030-one TP5030-two TP5030-3/4 TP5030-5 TP5030-6
Engine Type Diesel178F Petrol270F Robin EX27/EY28 Honda GX270 BLT19N1
Electrical power(KW) four.4/6 six.6/nine six.six/nine(5.5/7.five) six.6/nine 7.4/10
Plate Size(cm/in) sixty nine*50(27*20)
Centrifugal Weight(KN) 30
Vibration Frequency(hz) 5400
Travel Speed(m/min,in/min) 20(sixty six)

Product SCH125-1 SCH125-two SCH125-three SCH125-3Y SCH125-four  
Engine Type Petrol 170F Petrol 160 Robin EX17 Robin EY20 Donda GX160  
Power(Hp) four.2 six.five five.7 five five.five  
Bodyweight(kg) 302 280 126 126 126  
Frequency(rpm/min) 4300
Centrifugal Force(N) 25
Depth(cm) thirty
Walking Speed(cm/s) 25
Efficiency(m²/h) five hundred
Plate Size(cm/in) sixty three*forty


Model SHC160-1 SHC160-two SHC160-3 SHC160-3Y SHC160-four  
Engine Type Petrol 170F Petrol 160 Robin EX17 Robin EX28 Honda GX160  
Electricity(Hp) 6 six.5 5.7 7.five 5.5  
Fat(kg) 168 a hundred and fifty 149 149 149  
Frequency(rpm/min) 4000
Centrifugal Force(N) thirty.five
Depth(cm) fifty
Walking Speed(cm/s) twenty five
Working Efficiency(m²/s) 570
Plate Size(cm/in) 73*37/seventy three*50




Hydraulic Diesel Power System Plate Compactor 360kg Forward and Reverse