Hydraulic Dredger Machine Sand Dredging for Gold Sand Gravel Mining

Hydraulic Dredger Machine Sand Dredging for Gold Sand Gravel Mining

Substantial-Good quality CZPT Modest Cutter Suction Sand Device Scorching Selling 

– About HID Dredging Machine/Cutter Kind Dredging CZPT: 

We design and style and manufacture cutter type dredgers from 500m3/h-8000m3/h flow capability. Versions different form HID-CSD-2008 to HID-CSD-7525.
Dredging depth from 1meters to thirty meters. 
All dredging products from HID Dredging Organization can be CZPT primarily based on client’s comprehensive needs 

Optional Device:           1) Booster Pump Station
                                       2) Spud Carriage
                                       3) Submersible Pump
                                       4) Bucket Wheel Cutter
                                       5) Anchor Boom and Anchor Winch
                                       6) WorkBoat/Tug Boat
                                       7) Discharge Pipeline-HDPE Pipe, Rubber Hose, Floaters, Metal Pipe
                                       8) other individuals based on buyer’s require


  1. A broad range of use purposes
  2. Higher performance, big output, far pump length, minimal gas consumption
  3. Entire hydraulic manage with CZPT, Vickers 
  4. Siemens PLC operation with the operation usefulness
  5. Engine option from Weicchai, CZPT, CZPT and a lot more. 
  6. Australia CZPT Dredge Pump available 
  7. The modular style permits fast assembly with HID seniors engineers 
  8. Dredger elements offered in factories to let quick shipping times 
  9. Management the working procedure of dredging and pumping, offering dredged materials. reduced expense
  10. Stick to manufacture guideline: CCS-ZC common
  11. CE certificates acquired to prove high quality 
  12. Western Dredge model parts, straightforward to locate globally 
  13. Can choose reliable Chinese brand name components to lower costs 
  14. Obtain accessibility to our sales group, design and style team, manufacture crew 24/7
  15. Life time Complex Support
  16. Optional products is accessible this sort of as Spud carriage, anchor growth. 

– Technological Specs of 600m3/h Cutter Dredger 


Complete LENTH  16M 22M 26M 36M 36M 38.95M 38.95M forty nine.5M
PONTOON Duration 12M 14M 17M 25M 25M 29M 29M 41M
DEPTH 1.5M one.6M 1.6M two.0M two.0M 2.2M 2.4M 3M
H2o Stream Potential 500-600M3/H 900-10003/H 1200-1500M3/H 2000M3/H 3000M3/H 3500-4000M3/H 5000-7000M3/H 8000M3/H
DISCHARGE Distance 600M 1000M 1200M 1500M 1500M 1500-2000M 2000-2200M 4000M
DREDGING DEPTH 6M 8M 10M 14M 14M 16M 18M 25M

* Observe: All Technical Requirements can be CZPT based mostly on your true dredging needs and operating conditions. 

– HID Dredging CZPT Manufacture, CZPT, Assembly, Functioning: 

HID Services

– CZPT After Revenue Providers: 

  1. Free of charge dredger consultation and totally free merchandise drawings 
  2. Customise dredgers based mostly on the client’s real dredging needs 
  3. On-site visits and manufacturing unit go to services offered by HID 
  4. Prepare 2-three HID senior engineer and specialists to enter the working website inside of 36 several hours
  5. Totally free skilled assembly, training and functioning to make sure dredger operates smoothly 
  6. one-yr warranty and Life span complex assistance 
  7. Signal following-income provider arrangement with HID clients 
  8. Provide CZPT at a discounted price 
  9. On-site parts available 
  10. HID firm demand dependable Revenue group, style staff, manufacture team available 24/seven to very best serve clients 


    – Global Consumers Checking out HID Dredging CZPT Company Factories: 
    Inspecting dredger pontoon substance and workmanship, examination the cabin PLC operation program, Cutter head with cover,  CZPT Dredge Pump. 

    HID Discharge Pipelines 

    – Why Choose HID:

    1. 30 years’ dredger manufacture workmanship
    2. CZPT five hundred Firm chosen provider
    3. Massive generation, ISO 9001 top quality program
    4. 6 manufacture stores, R&D centre, testing pool
    5. Presences in 37 nations
    6. 10 series of dredging tools


    9, FAQ
    Q1, Is HID a manufacturing unit or buying and selling company? 
    A: HID – ZheCZPT CZPT Dredging CZPT Co., Ltd is a major dredger producer in CZPT, we have six factories and over one hundred employees to permit massive creation. 

    Q2, What are the services the HID firm is providing? 
    A: Cost-free dredger session, drawing style, customization, on-site visits, 24/seven availability, free of charge assembly, instruction, procedure screening, and life time specialized support.

    Q3, What are the supply conditions? 
    A: CZPT shipping can be in containers or in bulk is dependent on the dredger dimensions. HID has in-inventory dredgers, and consistently storing dredger areas, pipes, pontoons, to shorten the shipping period of time for specific requirements. 

    Q3, What about the payment phrases? 
    A: Payment can be paid in T/T or L/C, payment phrases and fiscal assist can be mentioned. 

    This autumn, What are the warranty terms? 
    A: HID gives a standard one-year guarantee, cost-free problem fixing with life time specialized assistance 

    Q5,  Why you say HID is your CZPT dredger company? 
    A: HID is a CZPT dredger manufacturer due to the fact we have 30 years’ producer workmanship, produced for numerous CZPT five hundred companies globally. HID continuing to innovate and create new items this kind of as amphibious dredger, salt mining dredger and far more, upgrades current dredger technological innovation. Our engineers and designers are employed from prestigious dredger institutions in CZPT. Our products are functioning in more than 40 international locations so significantly and have 6 global places of work to greater provide our consumers. 

    Welcome to HID Manufacturing unit, we are seeking forward to offering free session for your dredging tasks, customise the dredge just for you, manufacture, delivery, assembly, teach, function, and give life span complex guidance to achieve your dredging goal! 


    Hydraulic Dredger Machine Sand Dredging for Gold Sand Gravel Mining