LC High Viscosity Electric Dirty Oil Rotary Lobe Pump

LC High Viscosity Electric Dirty Oil Rotary Lobe Pump


LC high viscosity electric powered filthy oil rotary lobe pump

Merchandise Description

Brief introduction:

 LC higher viscosity electric filthy oil rotary lobe pump is widely used in carrying oil and oil products (when deliver the gasoline, the copper pump leaves are needed) and transport various oil and liquid in plant, such as crude oil, paint, lubricant, glass cement, oilbase acid, toothpaste and dilute alkali liquid (soap processing) etc. In food processing fields, it can deliver different liquid, such as bean sauce, barm, thin malt sugar, etc. When load and unload the various tank truck and oiler, it could run forward and backward. 


The pump has two driving styles, one is belt drive, the other is gear reducing drive


Capability ten-150m3/h
Pressure .6mpa
Energy 4-45kw
Pace 1440rpm
Diameter fifty-200mm
Viscosity 1.-300000cst
Mterial cast iron,stainless steel
Max temperature 200ºC
Seal packing seal
Warranty one year(normal wear and tear excepted)


Application scope:

1. Crude oil industry

2. Lubricant industry

3. Paint industry 

four. Glass glue industry

5. Oil-based acid industry

6. Toothpaste industry


Positive aspects:

1. low rotating rate

two. high efficiency

3. small volume, big flow

four.  low consumed power

five. strong self-priming ability

six. easy to operate and no oil drawing



LC High Viscosity Electric Dirty Oil Rotary Lobe Pump