Reinforced Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump

Reinforced Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump


1. Transient Introduction of CZPT Plastic Diaphragm Pump

     This sequence of merchandise are produced of large quality engineering plastics or bolstered polypropylene as the pump human body, with excellent bodily houses, with F46 as diaphragm, tetrafluoro as ball, ball seat, suited for acid, alkali and different natural solvents. Corrosive liquid, higher viscosity, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, explosive, hugely harmful liquid, ceramic glaze, fruit pulp, glue, oil tanker base oil recovery, temporary tank and so on can be exhausted and exhausted, particularly to fix the dilemma of running, risking, dropping, leakage and not making it possible for empty rotation of the vane pump, which is the most popular in the country at current. A new type of pump, which utilizes compressed air as a energy source, to distribute air by way of the reciprocating movement of the valve, drives the diaphragm to squeeze the conveying medium by the volume pump, which has the advantages of conveying equipment this kind of as impurity pump, self-priming pump, mud pump, shielding pump, submersible pump and so on.

2. The Major Software of CZPT Plastic Diaphragm Pump

  1. Pump peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, sausage, jam, apple pulp, chocolate and so on.
  2. Pump paint, gum, pigments.
  3. Adhesives and glue, all types of pumps can be suck.
  4. All kinds of tiles, porcelain, brick and pottery glaze.
  5. After the oil properly has been drilled, pump deposits and fill up.
  6. Pump a selection of emulsion and packing.
  7. Pump a assortment of sewage.
  8. Use pumps as oil tankers, barges thoroughly clean up and draw in the warehouse’s sewage.
  9. Hop and fermented flour slurry, syrup, sugar dense.
  10. Pump the drinking water in the mine, tunnel, tunnel, mineral processing and slag. Pump the cement grouting and mortar.
  11. All kinds of rubber pulps.
  12. all varieties of abrasive, corrosive oil and mud, grease and basic cleaning container.
  13. All types of highly toxic, flammable and volatile liquids.
  14. All kinds of strong acid, strong alkali, sturdy corrosion liquid.
  15. All sorts of high temperature resistant liquid with the highest temperature of a hundred and fifty DEG C.
  16. As a variety of solid liquid separation equipment of the front phase stress transmitter.

3. The Working Theory of CZPT Plastic Diaphragm Pump

  1. With no irrigation water, suction lift up to 7m, the head of 50m, the outlet stress is greater than or equivalent to 6kgf/cm2
  2. The stream is wide, and the greatest particle diameter can attain 10mm via great efficiency. Pumping mud and impurities, tiny put on on the pump
  3. Head and stream can be phase-significantly less adjustment via air valve opening (air pressure regulation is amongst one-7kgf/cm2).
  4. The pump with no rotating parts, no shaft seal, diaphragm will be pumped medium with the pump shifting components, working medium entirely separated, the medium will not leak out. Pumping so harmful and flammable or corrosive media, it will not result in environmental pollution or damage personal security
  5. No need to use electrical energy. It is risk-free and reliable in flammable and explosive locations.
  6. Can be immersed in the medium to function
  7. The purpose is convenient, the work is trustworthy, the open quit only requirements to open up and near the gasoline valve. Even if there is no medium procedure or unexpected shutdown for a long time since of the accident, the pump will not be damaged so that the pump will stop immediately and have self safety overall performance. When the load is restored to standard, it has automated start up. Purpose
  8. Maintenance, pump transmission medium will not contact the valve, connecting rod and other sports parts, not like other types of pump simply because of rotor, piston, equipment, blade and other elements of dress in and tear and gradually reduce performance.
  9. Can carry much more viscous liquid (viscosity at below ten thousand CPS)
  10. The pump does not need to have to be lubricated with oil, even if it is idle, it has no impact on the pump, which is a major characteristic of the pump.

four.Parameters of CZPT Plastic Diaphragm Pump

Product Capacity Head Max discharge Suction Max grain Max Max air
(m3/h)   stress (m) Diameter force use
  (m) (kgf/cm2)   Φ(mm) (kgf/cmtwo) (m3/min)
QBY-10 .eight fifty six 5 1 seven .3
QBY-15 one 50 6 five 1 7 .three
QBY-25 2.four 50 six seven 2.5 seven .6
QBY-forty 8 fifty six 7 four.five 7 .6
QBY-50 twelve fifty 6 7 eight 7 .9
QBY-sixty five sixteen 50 six seven eight seven .nine
QBY-80 24 fifty six seven ten seven one.five
QBY-one hundred 30 50 six seven 10 7 1.five

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Reinforced Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump