Rexroth A4vg-32 Series Axial Piston Variable Pump

Rexroth A4vg-32 Series Axial Piston Variable Pump

CZPT A4VG Collection CZPT Pump 

Source models:
CZPT variable displacement axial pump A4VG40, A4VG56, A4VG71, A4VG90, A4VG125, A4VG180, A4VG250 etc 

CZPT A4VG-32 Sequence Axial Piston Variable Pump Model No. Record:

R95715719 A4VG125DA1/32+A10VO71DR/31+A10VO45
R9571 0571 A4VG125DA1D8/32R-NSF02F071D
R957157188 A4VG125DGD1/32L-NZF02F001F
R957103272 A4VG125DGD1/32R-NSF02F011S-S
R957103604 A4VG125EP/32+A11VO60DRS/10-K
R957105848 A4VG125EP2D1/32R-NSF02F001K
R957105845 A4VG125EP2D1/32R-NSF02F571K
R95715718 A4VG125EP2D1/32R-NTF02F001S
R957102667 A4VG125EP2D2/32R-NZF02F011L-K
R95715717 A4VG125EP2D2/32R-NZF02F041S-S
R957103031 A4VG125EP2D7/32L-NZF02FXX1S-S
R957171065 A4VG40HWD1/32L-NSC02F095S
R957171068 A4VG40HWD1/32L-NUC02F015S
R957108296 A4VG40HWD1/32R-NUC02F005S
R9571 0571 nine A4VG40HWD1/32R-NZC02N004E
R957106485 A4VG40HWD3R/32R-NZC02N003E-S
R957103394 A4VG40HWDT1/32R-NZC02F003S
R95715716 A4VG40NV/32+A4VG40NV/32
R95715717 A4VG40NVD1/32L-NAC02F043L
R95710571 A4VG40NVD2/32R-NZC02F005S
R957103233 A4VG40NVDM1/32R-NSC02F571S-S
R95715713 A4VG40NVDM1/32R-NUC02F571S
R95715710 A4VG40NVDM1/32R-NZC02F093S
R9571 0571 8 A4VG40NVDT1/32L-NZC02F015S-S
R9571571 A4VG40NVDT1/32L-NZC02XXX3S-S
R957107274 A4VG40NVDT1/32R-NZC02XXX3S-S
R95715717 A4VG40NVDTX/32L-NZC02XXX3S-S
R95715714 A4VG40NVDTX/32R-NZC02XXX3S-S
R957105208 A4VG56DA1D2/32R-NZC02F015S-S
R95715715 A4VG56DA1D2/32R-NZC02F571S
R957105450 A4VG56DA1D2/32R-NZC02F571S-S
R95715714 A4VG56DA1D2/32R-NZC02F075D-S
R95715714 A4VG56DA1D3L/32R-NZC02F571S
R957103385 A4VG56DA1D3L/32R-NZC02F571S
R9571 0571 5 A4VG56DA1D3R/32R-NZC02F571S
R9571 0571 4 A4VG56DA1D3R/32R-NZC02F043S
R9571 0571 three A4VG56DA1D4/32R-NZC02F571S
R95715716 A4VG56DA1D7/32R-NZC02F571L
R957105445 A4VG56DA1D8/32R-NZC02F005S
R957106392 A4VG56DA1DT2/32L-NZC02F571S-S
R9571 0571 4 A4VG56DA2D2/32R-NZC02F571S
R9571 0571 eight A4VG56DGDT1/32L-NZC02K571E-S
R957107265 A4VG56DGDT1/32L-NZC02K571E-SK
R9571 0571 5 A4VG56DGDT1/32L-NZC02K043E-S
R957105030 A4VG56DWDT1/32R-NSC02F013D-S
R9571 0571 one A4VG56DWDT1/32R-NZC02F003D-S
R9571571 A4VG56DWDT1/32R-NZC02F013S-S
R957100568 A4VG56EP1D1/32L-NSC02F003F
R957107670 A4VG56EP1D1/32R-NZC02F013S-S
R9571571 A4VG56EP1D1/32R-NZC02F571S-S
R95710 0571 A4VG56EP2/32+A4VG56EP2/32
R95715710 A4VG56EP2D1/32L-NZC02N003E
R9571 0571 one A4VG56EP2D1/32R-NSC02N003E-S**G*
R957103405 A4VG56EP2D1/32R-NZC02F005F
R957107893 A4VG56EP2D1/32R-NZC02N003E
R95710 0571 A4VG56EP2D2/32R-NZC02F003S
R957103450 A4VG56EP2D2/32R-NZC02F015P
R957103446 A4VG56EP2D2/32R-NZC02F015P-K
R95710 0571 A4VG56EP2DM1/32R-NAC02F073S
R95710 0571 A4VG56EP2DM1/32R-NSC02F003S
R957103262 A4VG56EP2DM1/32R-NZC02F003D-S
R957102664 A4VG56EZ1D1/32L-NZC02F003S
R95715712 A4VG71EP1D1/32R-NSF02F041D
R957107044 A4VG71EP1D3L/32L-NZF02F041S
R957107869 A4VG71EP1DT1/32R-NTF10K041E-S
R957104969 A4VG71EP2/32+A4VG71+A10VO45DFR/31
R957104973 A4VG71EP2D1/32L-NAF02F071S
R957104974 A4VG71EP2D1/32L-NSF02F041S
R902 69 A4VG71EP2D1/32L-NZF02F001S-S
R95715717 A4VG71EP2D1/32L-NZF02F011D
R957103800 A4VG71EP2D1/32L-NZF02F011D-K
R9571 0571 A4VG71EP2D1/32L-NZF02F011D-K
R957103007 A4VG71EP2D1/32R-NSF02K011E
R957104905 A4VG71HDD1/32L-NSF02F071P
R957103073 A4VG71HDD1/32L-NZF02F001F
R957106482 A4VG71HDD1/32L-NZF02F571D
R9571571 A4VG71HDD1/32L-NZF02F041D
R957108081 A4VG71HDD2/32L-NZF02F001D
R957108280 A4VG71HDD2/32L-NZF02F011S
R957105265 A4VG71HDD2/32R-NSF02K011E
R957103042 A4VG71HDD2/32R-NZF02F071F
R957157151 A4VG71HDDM1/32R-NZF02F001F
R957103077 A4VG71HDDM1/32R-NZF02F001S
R957103409 A4VG71HDDT1/32R-NZF02F571S-S
R9571 0571 3 A4VG71HW/32+A4VG71HW/32
R95715713 A4VG71HW/32+A4VG71HW/32
R95715711 A4VG71HWD1/32L-NSF02F001S
R95715712 A4VG71HWD1/32L-NSF02F071S
R957106134 A4VG71HWD1/32R-NAF02F571S
R957105653 A4VG71HWD1/32R-NSF02F001S
R95715716 A4VG71HWD1/32R-NSF02F041S-S
R9571 0571 seven A4VG71HWD1/32R-NSF02F071S
R9571 0571 two A4VG71HWD1/32R-NTF02F571P
R95715719 A4VG71HWD1/32R-NZF02F011S-STEST
R95710571 A4VG71HWD3L/32R-NZF02F001S
R95715712 AA4VG90MSD2/32L-NSF52F071D-S

Technica knowledge:

Size  28 40 fifty six seventy one ninety a hundred twenty five 180 250
Displacement  28 forty fifty six 71 ninety one hundred twenty five 180 250
Minimum speed  rmp five hundred 500 five hundred five hundred 500 500 five hundred five hundred
Optimum velocity 5000 five hundred 4500 4100 3800 3450 3000 2700
Flow l/min 119 160 202 234 275 356 450 600
Power  KW 79 107 134 156 183 237 300 400
Min. Torque Nm 44.five 63.5 89 112.8 143 198.8 286 398
Greatest angular acceleration rad/s² 178 255 256 451 572 795 1144 1590
Housing Capacity  L .nine one.five one.3 one.five two.1 six.3
Weight  kg 29 31 38 fifty 60 eighty 101 156

Used in wheel loader, excavator, mobile pump truck, crane and many others Large CZPT 


We, Xihu (West Lake) firm can not only provide the hydraulic merchandise,this kind of as the hydraulic pump, motor, valve, cylinder and so on, but also can give complete sets of the concrete pump CZPT as under photo confirmed.

Other Spare components:

Business Profile 

HangCZPT Xihu (West Lake) Materials Co., Ltd, started organization considering that 1991, and was formally recognized as a registered firm in 2002, with five.3million RMB registered cash.

Ahead of 2015, Xihu (West Lake) concentrated on the domestic market place, and is a qualified provider of numerous Chinese state-owned enterprises.

In 2015, Xihu (West Lake) set up the global advertising and marketing department, specializing in exporting concrete construction machinery, mining Roadheaders, and the connected CZPT and add-ons. With production bases in HangCZPT, HangCZPT and HangCZPT metropolitan areas.

Xihu (West Lake) owns branches “Cahi “in Kiev Ukraine, and “Speedlane CZPT Limited” abroad business. Mostly export to Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, and other EU countries and Southeast Asian international locations underneath our own brand names “Speedlane” and ” XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NG”.

Xihu (West Lake) has got the CE certificate, and Ukraine’s Coal Mining Basic safety certificate and permission. Cooperated with Ukraine biggest strength business, DTEK group, the world best five hundred, and set up a long term and friendly partnership.

Xihu (West Lake)’s company value: Striving, Loyalty, Honesty and Altruism.

Xihu (West Lake)’s function concept: By no means Leave Modern Operate for Tomorrow.Transmit Good CZPT!

Xihu (West Lake)’s mission:

One Quit Store in engineering development machinery

CZPT Machinery, Worldwide Services!



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Rexroth A4vg-32 Series Axial Piston Variable Pump