Sewage Grey Water Transfer Pump

Sewage  Grey Water Transfer Pump

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1. Brief introduction of 2CY Gear Pump
  The 2CY collection gear pump is the conventional item of our nation. The structure and design and style of the 2CY equipment oil pump are imported from the Soviet Union in the early 50s. The 2CY gear oil pump has the attributes of basic composition, sensible use and handy routine maintenance. 2CY equipment oil pump has a protection valve. When the pump is overloaded routinely, it can be immediately opened to defend the motor, but it can not be utilised as a continuous overflow valve to adjust the operating force of the pump. 2CY equipment pump is usually used to transport the oil medium without corrosion, non corrosive, solid particle impurity and fiber, as properly as lubrication pump utilised in slender oil stations of all sorts of mechanical products, and the pump pace can be transported to large viscosity hefty oil medium with fluid.

two. Structural traits of 2CY Equipment Pump
    This series of 2CY gear pumps largely consist of equipment, shaft, pump physique, pump cover, bearing sleeve and shaft finish seal. The gears of 2CY equipment pump are of higher hardness and use resistance following nitriding. The 2CY equipment oil pump is mounted with the shaft in the replaceable shaft sleeve. The lubrication of all elements in the 2CY equipment pump is accomplished instantly when the pump performs. In the pump, four bearing sleeves are floating set up in the pump, and the stop gap is routinely altered with the doing work pressure. As a result, the strain of the 2CY equipment pump is stable, the output circulation pulsation is little and the quantity effectiveness is higher.Searching from the spindle facet of the pump, it rotates clockwise.

three. The Application of 2CY Equipment Pump

    1. The 2CY equipment oil pump can be employed as a transmission and booster pump in the oil supply method.
    2. The 2CY equipment oil pump can be utilised as gasoline pump for conveying, pressurizing and injecting in gas technique.
    three. The 2CY equipment oil pump can be employed to supply hydraulic electrical power in hydraulic transmission method.
    four. The 2CY equipment oil pump can be utilized as lubricating oil pump in all industrial fields.


four. Primary Parameters:

Variety Diameter Circulation Outlet strain (MPa) Suction Motor electricity (KW)
(inch) (m3/h) (L/min) (m)
KCB18.3 three/four 1.1 18.3 one.forty five five 1.five
KCB33.3 2CY-two/fourteen.five-two 3/four 2 33.3 1.45 5 two.two
KCB55 2CY-3.3/3.three-two one three.three 55 .33 5 one.five
KCB55 2CY-three.3/five-2 one 3.three 55 .5 5 two.2
KCB83.three 2CY-5/3.3-two 1/2 5 eighty three.three .33 5 2.two
KCB83.3 2CY-5/5-2 1/two five 83.3 .five five 3
KCB200 2CY-8/3.3-2 two eight 133 .33 5 4
KCB200 2CY-12/one.three-2 2 12 two hundred .thirteen 5 4
KCB200 2CY-twelve/3.3-two two twelve two hundred .33 5 five.five
KCB200 2CY-twelve/6-2 2 12 two hundred .6 five five.five
KCB200 2CY-12/ten-2 2 twelve two hundred 1 five seven.5
KCB300 2CY-18/three.6-two 3 18 300 .36 5 5.5
KCB300 2CY-18/three.6-two 3 eighteen 300 .36 five 7.5
KCB483.3 2CY-29/three.6-two three 29 483.three .36 five 7.five
KCB483.3 2CY-29/10-2 3 29 483.3 one five 11
KCB633 2CY-38/2.eight-two 4 38 633 .28 5 eleven
KCB633 2CY-38/eight-two 4 38 633 .eight 5 22
KCB960 2CY-60/3-2 4 60 960 .three five eighteen.5
KCB960 2CY-sixty/6-2 four 60 960 .6 5 30
KCB2000 2CY-a hundred and twenty/3-2 six 120 2000 .3 5 30
KCB2500 2CY-150/three-two six one hundred fifty 2500 .three five 37

5. . Notes

     2CY collection gear oil pump is appropriate to have various oil varieties such as large oil, diesel gasoline and lubricate oil, animal and vegetable oil and so forth. It is also able to transfer the fluid of lower flashing stage, such as gasoline and benzene and so on, by being geared up with copper gear. Make sure you note that the media temperature shouldn’t surpass 70&deg C for frequent pump and three hundred&deg C for anti-substantial temperature oil pump. The pump has basic safety valve by itself for security when the pumps have been more than-loaded. Shaft seal has skeleton oil seal, mechanical seal and stuffing seal. Please show the shaft-seal variety you need to have when spot the purchase.


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Sewage  Grey Water Transfer Pump