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China Good quality 1000 Kgs Lifting Hydraulic Winch for Trailer/ Tow Truck

Product Description

1000 KGS Lifting Hydraulic Winch for Trailer/ Tow truck

1000 KGS Lifting Hydraulic Winch for Trailer/ Tow truck is especially designed for heavy-duty lifting, pulling and towing operations. It is a good choice when an electric winch machine cannot match your operating and performance conditions. Powered by a hydraulic system, this type of winch has more strength than an electric power winch, thus it is ideal for the most demanding tasks in construction, mining and marine. Our winches can be designed and built into any size and form to meet your application demands.

2. YT10 Lifting hydraulic winch consists of hydraulic motor, planetary gear reducer, brake, drum, wire pressing machine,etc.
a. High efficiently hydraulic motor(brand motor) .
b. Full-float typed planetary gear reducer
c. Multi-disc friction closed brake
d. Small size
e . Free spooling function.


Rated line pull (1st layer)

KN/Kgs / lbs

10/1000 / 2200

Line speed (1st layer)



Response pressure of brake

MPa / Bar

<2.5 / 25

Oil pressure

MPa / Bar

16 / 160

Oil flow



Drum diameter x Bottom diameter x Length(internal)


250 x165 x170

Drum capacity



Suggested high-intensity wire rope diameter



Net weight




1. Who are we?
We are based in ZheJiang , China, start from 1998. We are factory that producing hydraulic winch for more than 23 years.

2. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% in advanced,70% see the B/L copy . B.100% Irrevocable LC

3.What is your terms of delivery?
A. FOB, CFR ,CIF or as your requirement.

4. How about your delivery time?

A: Generally, it will take 3 to 25 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends
on the items and the quantity of your order.

5. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Application: Workshop Crane, Shipboard Crane, Warehouse Crane
Lift Mechanism: Screw Lift
Carrying Capacity: Middle-Level
Moves: Self-propelled
US$ 1200/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




hydraulic winches

How do hydraulic winches contribute to heavy-duty applications such as towing or construction?

Hydraulic winches play a crucial role in heavy-duty applications like towing and construction, offering several advantages that contribute to their effectiveness in these industries:

  • 1. High Load Capacity: Hydraulic winches are known for their high load capacity, making them well-suited for heavy-duty tasks. They can handle substantial loads, such as large construction equipment, vehicles, or materials, with ease.
  • 2. Precise Load Control: In towing and construction, precision is vital. Hydraulic winches provide precise control over load movement, allowing operators to position heavy objects accurately and safely. This level of control is essential when maneuvering equipment or securing loads.
  • 3. Variable Line Speed: Hydraulic winches offer variable line speed control, which is beneficial in heavy-duty applications. Operators can adjust the winch’s speed to match the specific requirements of the task, whether it’s slow and controlled movement or rapid retrieval.
  • 4. Durability and Reliability: Heavy-duty environments demand equipment that can withstand harsh conditions. Hydraulic winches are designed for durability and reliability, making them dependable in rugged construction sites or challenging towing situations.
  • 5. Overload Protection: Many hydraulic winches feature overload protection mechanisms. This safety feature prevents the winch from exerting excessive force, reducing the risk of equipment damage or accidents in towing and construction scenarios.
  • 6. Adaptability to Different Vehicles: Hydraulic winches can be mounted on various types of vehicles, including tow trucks, construction machinery, and off-road vehicles. Their versatility ensures they can be used in a wide range of heavy-duty applications.
  • 7. Remote Control: Remote control options allow operators to control hydraulic winches from a safe distance, increasing operator safety during heavy lifting or towing tasks.
  • 8. Smooth Operation: Hydraulic winches provide smooth and consistent operation, reducing the risk of shock loading. This is critical when moving heavy loads or towing vehicles to prevent sudden jolts or equipment stress.
  • 9. Adaptability to Environmental Conditions: Hydraulic winches can be equipped with features like special seals or temperature control mechanisms to operate effectively in extreme weather conditions or corrosive environments, which are common in construction and towing applications.

Overall, hydraulic winches are indispensable tools in heavy-duty applications like towing and construction, where their high load capacity, precision, durability, and safety features contribute to efficient and reliable operations.

hydraulic winches

What advantages do hydraulic winches offer in terms of speed and control during operation?

Hydraulic winches offer distinct advantages in terms of both speed and control during operation, making them valuable tools in various applications. Here are the key advantages:

  • 1. Precise Control: Hydraulic winches provide precise control over load movement. Operators can vary the speed and direction of the winch with accuracy, allowing for controlled positioning, lifting, or pulling. This level of control is crucial in applications where safety and precision are paramount.
  • 2. Variable Line Speed: Hydraulic winches offer variable line speed capabilities. By adjusting the hydraulic flow rate, operators can control the winch’s line speed, allowing for both rapid retrieval and slow, controlled movements as needed. This flexibility is beneficial in tasks with diverse speed requirements.
  • 3. Smooth Operation: Hydraulic systems are known for their smooth and consistent operation. This smoothness minimizes jerky movements and sudden stops, reducing the risk of shock-loading and stress on equipment and loads. It also enhances operator comfort and safety.
  • 4. High Torque Output: Hydraulic winches generate high torque, making them capable of handling heavy loads efficiently. This high torque output ensures that the winch can pull or lift substantial weights without strain or slowing down, even in challenging conditions.
  • 5. Constant Force: Hydraulic systems maintain a constant force output regardless of the load. This means that the winch’s performance remains consistent, and it can maintain pulling or lifting force even when facing resistance or obstacles. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments based on load variations.
  • 6. Adjustable Pressure: Operators can adjust the hydraulic pressure to match the specific requirements of the task. Higher pressure results in increased force and faster winch speed, while lower pressure offers finer control and reduced speed. This adaptability is advantageous for diverse applications.
  • 7. Overload Protection: Many hydraulic winches are equipped with overload protection mechanisms. These features prevent the winch from exerting excessive force, protecting against overloading and potential equipment damage. They enhance safety during operation.

These advantages make hydraulic winches particularly well-suited for applications that demand precise control, variable speed, and the ability to handle heavy loads efficiently. Industries such as construction, mining, marine, and forestry rely on hydraulic winches to ensure safe and effective load handling.

hydraulic winches

Can you describe the factors to consider when selecting hydraulic winches for specific applications?

Selecting the right hydraulic winch for a specific application involves considering various factors to ensure optimal performance and safety. Here are key factors to take into account:

  • 1. Load Capacity: Determine the maximum load the winch will need to handle. Choose a hydraulic winch with a capacity that comfortably exceeds the heaviest load you anticipate. Keep in mind that it’s safer to have a winch with a higher capacity than required.
  • 2. Line Speed: Consider the speed at which you need to pull or lift the load. Hydraulic winches offer different line speeds, so choose one that aligns with your application’s requirements. Keep in mind that line speed may vary depending on the load.
  • 3. Duty Cycle: Evaluate how frequently and for how long the winch will be in operation. Some winches are designed for continuous use, while others have intermittent duty cycles. Ensure the winch’s duty cycle matches the demands of your application.
  • 4. Mounting and Installation: Assess the available space for mounting the winch and the compatibility of the winch’s mounting configuration with your equipment or vehicle. Consider the ease of installation and any additional mounting accessories required.
  • 5. Control Options: Determine the level of control you need over the winch. Hydraulic winches may offer manual, remote, or integrated control options. Choose a control method that suits your operational preferences and safety requirements.
  • 6. Environmental Conditions: Consider the environmental conditions in which the winch will operate. Hydraulic winches are suitable for various environments, but factors like temperature extremes, exposure to saltwater, and dust levels may influence your choice.
  • 7. Safety Features: Check for safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop mechanisms, and fail-safe braking systems. These features enhance operator safety and protect against accidents.
  • 8. Cable or Rope Type: Select the appropriate type of cable or rope for your application, considering factors like strength, durability, and compatibility with the winch drum. Ensure that the winch drum can accommodate the chosen cable or rope size.
  • 9. Maintenance Requirements: Evaluate the maintenance needs of the hydraulic winch. Some models may require more frequent maintenance than others. Choose a winch that aligns with your maintenance schedule and capabilities.
  • 10. Budget Considerations: Set a budget for the hydraulic winch purchase. While it’s essential to meet your application’s requirements, also consider the cost of the winch, installation, and any additional accessories or hydraulic system modifications.
  • 11. Brand Reputation and Support: Research and select reputable brands with a history of manufacturing reliable hydraulic winches. Consider the availability of spare parts, technical support, and warranty coverage from the manufacturer.
  • 12. Compliance with Standards: Ensure that the selected hydraulic winch complies with relevant industry standards and regulations. This is particularly important in safety-critical applications.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the right hydraulic winch that meets the specific requirements of your application, ensuring safe and efficient winching operations.

China Good quality 1000 Kgs Lifting Hydraulic Winch for Trailer/ Tow Truck  China Good quality 1000 Kgs Lifting Hydraulic Winch for Trailer/ Tow Truck
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Forland manufacturer made in China – replacement parts – shaft driven hydraulic pump Foton Light Truck 1043 Door Assy Left & Right with ce certificate top quality low price

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Forland  manufacturer  made in China - replacement parts -  shaft driven hydraulic pump Foton Light Truck 1043 Door Assy Left & Right with ce certificate top quality low price

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FORLAND EPT Gentle TRUCK 1043 Doorway ASSY Left & Right


components title Door ASSY
parts no. CY4100Q
measurement one hundred twenty*one hundred ten**80CM
manufacturer FOTON
original China

foton BJ1043V8JE6-five CY4100Q-1A    Блок цилиндров
foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q  115713100004A Радиатор хлаждения Основной
foton BJ1043V8JE6-5 CY4100Q-1A    Головка блока
foton BJ1043V8JE6-5 CY4100Q-1A  1104629500 Амортизатор задний
foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q-1A  4100QA-005-08 Венец маховика Z-128
DF EQ1074T5AD-666/907 4BTAA Cummins  1608N-001 Пмевмогудроусилитель
foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q-1A  4102Q-5A.21.30          генератор
foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  4102B.03.01C Вал коленчатый
DF EQ1044G80D3-985 YN4102QB  4102QB-05-006 коленвал
DF EQ1044G80D3-985 YN4102QB  4102QBZ- Гильзокомплект
foton BJ1046V8JB5-two YSD 490Q-23 XL36Z Колодки тормозные передние, задние
DF EQ1062DJ04 CY4102BZLQ-1A    Распылитель форсунки
foton BJ1049  V=2.8 BJ 493 Q  4JB1   Рулевой механизм
foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q-1A    насос водяной с термомуфтой
foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  DLLA154S254 Распылитель форсунки
foton BJ1049  V=2.eight BJ 493 Q  4JB1 1104922000003 Карданный вал задняя часть
foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q Шпилька передней ступицы левая
foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q Шпилька передней ступицы правая
foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q Шпилька задней ступицы правая
foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q Шпилька задней ступицы левая
foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A 1043E1300004 Шпилька задней ступицы левая
foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A 1043E1300004 Шпилька задней ступицы правая
foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  1157117200008 Трос выбора КПП 1043
foton BJ1049  V=2.8 BJ 493 Q eight-94247867-one Кольца поршневые Форланд 1049 мот.  BJ 493 Q
foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A 1B17307170402 Поворот передний левый
foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q-1A 1B17307170401 Поворот передний правый
FAW 1051   CAS538A5K1 Коробка передач
foton BJ1043V8JE6-five CY4100Q-1A  1104629500 Амортизатор задний
foton BJ1043V8JE6-five CY4100Q-1A    Амортизатор передний
Isuzu 700P/ 4HF1   8-97253615-D Амортизатор передний
Isuzu NHR NKR NJ-VE 4/11F1900LNJ03 eight-94361683-NJJ Топливный Насос (ТНВД)
Isuzu NKR  4JB1   8-97032166-9  (8970321660) Плунжер ТНВД 
      Verified shortage from order 23  
foton BJ1043V8JE6-3 CY4100Q-1A  986911K3 Подшипник выжимной Форланд 1043 CY4100Q 3,seven
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    157125-d1 Подушка двигателя передняя
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    157110-15a2 Подушка двигателя задняя
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    1601210-D2 Диск сцепления
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    Q5005080 Ремкомплект тяги продольной 1
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    S3557190B92A Тормозные накладки задние
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    S3557191B92A Тормозные накладки задние
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K      1657130-7R Выжимной подшипник в сборе
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2257130-1h  Крестовина карданного вала
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K      S135711-Е111  Насос водяной
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      3003055-8Е Наконечник левый в сборе
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      3003060-8Е Наконечник правый в сборе
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      3523571В8Е Главный тормозной цылиндр
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      ХD1604ZB-571 Цылиндр сцепления главный
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    3003061 Наконечник рулевой левый
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    3003060 Наконечник рулевой правый
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    2912471-03 Палец задней рессоры
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2957181-03 Палец серьги задней рессоры
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    K357146-01 Втулка передней  рессоры
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2912471-13 Палец передней рессоры
FAW CA3252 CA6DL1-31 L6000000-PJ4P (E-2) Поршневая группа Евро-2 310л.с.
FAW CA3252 CA6DL1-31 1005014-29D  Коленчатый вал Евро-2 310л.с.

Other merchandise: 


WG9716720001 HEAD Gentle Left
WG9716720002 HEAD Gentle Appropriate
WG9719720571 FOG LAMP Left
WG9719720026 FOG LAMP Appropriate
WG1642242101 BUMPER
WG1642770001 REAR View MIRROR LHS (lobed
WG1642770003 REAR View MIRROR RHS (lobed
WG1642110016 HINGE Protect
WG1642341001 Doorway LOCK SERIA
WG1642235715 FENDER L
WG1642235716 FENDER R
WG1642242103 FOOT Action L
WG1642242104 FOOT Step R
VG260571253 Motor BELT 1050
VG1500090066 DINAMO BELT 783
WG1500130017 AC BELT 1571
  CORNER Going through Appropriate
  CORNER Facing Left
WG9725195712 AIR CLEANER
WG1642770099 DOWN Look at MIRROR
WG1642770004 Facet Check out MIRROR
WG1642875711 Sun VISOR ORIGNAL
VG1092080017 Fuel HOSE Massive
VG1092080018 Fuel HOSE Little
VG1092080019 Fuel HOSE MEDIUM
VG1500060051 Drinking water PUMP
VG2600060446 Fan
WG9725535717 Supporter SHROUD
AZ1642330060 Door GLASS Fixed L.
AZ1642330061 Doorway GLASS Fixed R.
WG1642350004 Door GLASS MOVEABLE L
WG1642350003 Doorway GLASS MOVEABLE R
one hundred ninety*220*thirty HUB SEAL 190 220 thirty
WG9725190155 OIL Tub NEW Product
WG91923571 Grasp CYLINDER
  Versatile 0168
190003326531 BEARING 32310
190003326543 BEARING 32314
33213 BEARING 33213
33118 BEARING 33118
VG156008219 LAMETA
WG9725525717 SPRING Help Proper
WG9725525719 SPRING Support Proper
WG9725230042 Functioning CYLINDER
AZ92311325711 DIFF.ASSY
AZ9100765712 BATTERY Protect
WG9719535711 RADIATOR
WG9114160011 PLATER
AZ9231342006 BRAKE DRUM
AZ9112440001 Front BRAKE DRUM
WG1642777571 REAR Look at MIORR
WG1652777571 REAR View MIORR
VG1560057111 PISTON
VG15600030040 PISTON RING
VG1500060051 Water PUMP
WG9727540001 MUFFLER
WG1642770001 REAE Check out MIRROR Still left
WG1642770003 REAE See MIRROR Right
WG1642350001 RUBBER SEAL Side
AZ9725529272 V-PROPELLER

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Rich  Inventory
EPT top quality management

Our companies:

one. Reply your enquiry in 24 hrs.
two. OEM, customer design,customer label services offered.
three. Our items line which includes trucks and machinery spare parts: EPT HOWO,XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.N GENLYON, SHACMAN,YUXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. JAC AND SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I,LIUGONG,XCMG,XGMA ,and so on.
4. Exceptional and exclusive answer can be give to our customer by our well-qualified and professional engineers and staffs.
5, .Shipping and delivery time: tiny order can be send in 3 functioning days soon after received payment. Whole container orders can be deliver in fifteen-twenty operating days.

six.Transport approaches: by sea, by air, by prepare and by categorical, depands on your buy amount.

7, we can source whole line truck spare areas for clients: motor elements , chassis areas, human body components, clutch parts, brake elements, gearbox components, axle elements.
eight.we can set up supply via sea , or air or specific. Depands on purchase amount and your necessity!
nine. payment way: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, moneygram
ten. LOADING Ports: Any port in china.
11. Unique: HangZhou ,China.
Our company informations
HangZhou E EPT Globe EPT Trade Co.,Ltd is a skilled truck spare parts and EPT device elements provider in China. All staffs have in excess of 10-several years encounter on truck parts industry and cooperation with oversea companies a lot of years make us professional in EPT trade also.
 At existing, we can give higher quality spare components for HOWO(SINOTRUK), XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.N(GENLYON), SHACMAN, FOTON(AUMAN),YUXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS., FAW(jiefang) ,JAC, SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I, XCMG, XGMA, LIUGONG,LINGONG Etc.
Items lines including: clutch  clutch plate , clutch disc, clutch stress plate, alternators, starters, turbochargers, piston , piston kits, piston ring,gaskets kits, cylinder liner,h2o pump, flywheel, filters , oil filters , fuel filters, air filter, air cleaner, cylinder head , cylinder block, cylinder gaskets, major bearing, cod-rod bearing, join rod front spring, rear spring assy, entrance protect, entrance bumper, breaket, bracket, spring, fuel tank, difference assy, pto- pump, brake drum, bearing, shock absorber, piston(G1),pistion, hollow shaft, thrust rod, exhaust pipe,exhaust shaft,vent-pipe, help, alternater belt, supporter belt, air-situation belt, rubber seat, bush, nylon bush, bolt, wheel bolt, rear wheel bolts,  starter crucial, split EPT ,split liner, head lamp , entrance lamp. Light-weight lamp, fog lamp, rear mirror, A pole, fenders , foodstuff methods, bumper, doorway assy, seats, driver seat, sunlight visor, mud guard, gears, mixture lamp, mastercylinder, brake EPT non asbseto, cylinder head , engine, cabin, trucks, rear look at mirror,  enjection pump, rubber hose, double h valve, howo cabin , blend change, compressor, tie rod. Ball joint. Whee EPT , rim, shock absorber, clutch plate,alloy wheels, steering, clutch kits.bearings

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Forland  manufacturer  made in China - replacement parts -  shaft driven hydraulic pump Foton Light Truck 1043 Door Assy Left & Right with ce certificate top quality low price