Variable Displacement Poclain Hydraulic Motor Ms02

Variable Displacement Poclain Hydraulic Motor Ms02

one&period Merchandise Characteristics&colon

MS02 hydraulic motor
Incurve radial piston sort
Developed in management modules&comma blend freely
Higher effectiveness&comma Large force&comma lower noise
Radial piston&comma Lower pace&comma Higher torque

2&period Poclain MS02 Series CZPT Motor Spare Parts&colon

1&rpar These are the CZPT for Poclain MS02 CZPT Motor Spare Parts&comma and alll of them could be ideal alternative of the CZPT Poclain MS02 CZPT Motor&interval

2&rpar Include travel shaft&comma front protect&comma stator&comma rotor&comma plunger piston&comma roller&comma distributor&comma rear cover&comma dynamic friction&comma static friction&comma checking cylinder&comma break plunger&comma protect plate crack shaft&comma brake shaft&comma and many others&time period

three&period Poclain MS02 Purposes&colon
Mining Machinery&colon Coal Winning Machine&comma Road Header&comma Heavy Responsibility Handling Automobile&comma Coal Mine Drill
CZPT Equipment&colon Skid Steer Loader&comma Crack Machine&comma

MS02-eight MS02-nine MS02- MS02-one MS02-2
Full&solSemi Complete&solSemi Total&solSemi Complete&solSemi Entire&solSemi
Displacement&lparml&solr&rpar 172 86 213 106 235 118 255 128
Max energy&lparkw&rpar sixteen ten sixteen ten sixteen ten sixteen 10
Pressure discrepancy 10MPa Torque
&lparN&time period m&rpar
273 136 340 170 351 175 405 202
Rated torque&lparN&time period m&rpar 643 796 878 953
Rated force&lparMPa&rpar 25 twenty five 25 25
Max strain&lparMPa&rpar forty 40 forty 35
Rated speed&lparr&solmin&rpar one hundred forty 140 a hundred and forty a hundred and twenty
Velocity range&lparr&solmin&rpar -310 -310 -310 -260

Variable Displacement Poclain Hydraulic Motor Ms02