Vickers Hydraulic Vane Pumps 25vq 35vq

Vickers Hydraulic Vane Pumps 25vq 35vq

  Vickers CZPT Vane Pumps 25vq 35vq  

CZPT can provide vane pump cartridge kits for CZPT Eaton Vickers Sequence vane pumps are:
20vq2a-1c22r ,20vq3a-1c22r,   20vq4a-1c22r,  20vq5a-1c22r,  20vq6a-1c22r,  20vq7a-1c22r, 20vq8a-1c22r, 20vq9a-1c22r, 20vq10a-1c22r, 20vq12a-1c22r, 20vq14a-1c22r

25vq10a-1c22r, 25vq12a-1c22r ,25vq14a-1c22r ,25vq15a-1c22r, 25vq17a-1c22r, 25vq19a-1c22r, 25vq19a-1c22r, 25vq21a-1c22r

35vq21a-1c22r   35vq25a-1c22r,35vq30a-1c22r,35vq32a-1c22r,35vq35a-1c22r,35vq38a-1c22r ,35vq45a-1c22r 

V10 – one, two, 3, 4, five, 6, 7gpm
V20 – 6, 7, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13gpm

Packaging particulars:
  1. sale packing contians carton or wood case
  2. inside packing is substantial quality film 
  3. the transportation as for every customer ‘s need.

Our company:
HangCZPT CZPT Equipment & Electronics Co., Ltd
specializing in layout,producing and product sales of hydraulic merchandise include hydraulic orbital motor,radial piston motor,hydraulic pump,hydraulic steering management device,and oil cooler. Orbital motor from tiny OMM kind to massive torque OMS,OMT and OMV series.Vane pump contain Yuken PV2R sequence, Vickers V10/twenty V/VQ series and Tokemic SQP collection. Denison T6 collection.Radial piston motor like NHM1 to NHM31. We are located in HangCZPT city which is an producing metropolis close by HangCZPT port and HangCZPT port.It is quite convenient for us to set up shipment by sea.

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Vickers Hydraulic Vane Pumps 25vq 35vq