Zjq Submersible Sand Pump

Zjq Submersible Sand Pump

ZJQ Submersible Sand Pump

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ZJQ sequence submersible slurry pump and sand suction pump with agitator or stirring impeller.

ZJQ submersible slurry pump or sand suction pump is a mechanical device that each the motor and the pump human body submerge into the medium to perform. The pump circulation elements are manufactured of high-strength use-resistant alloy, dress in-resistant solid iron, solid steel, and so on., which a single is employed depends on the distinct medium. The pump of large movement passage and is appropriate for conveying media these kinds of as sand that contains massive strong particles, ore slurry, coal slurry, sand and gravel, high-focus liquid, dust liquid, and paste and many others. It is for river dredging, manure, slurry feed, watering, municipal administration, chemical printing and dyeing, drugs, shipbuilding, foodstuff, and so forth. This series of submersible pumps are created and produced with superior technologies at residence and overseas. In addition to the major impeller, a established of stirring impellers or agitator can be also extra at the base to stir the deposited sludge. The special sealing device can efficiently balance the strain inside and outside the oil chamber and shield the reliability of the mechanical seal to the utmost. The motor adopts a variety of defense measures such as overheating security and water detection defense. It is capable of lengthy-time period secure operation under harsh working circumstances.

  1. Dress in parts are all constructed with abrasion resistant components – chromium alloy so pumps have greater steadiness & longer support lifestyle.
  2. Distinctive mechanical seal unit can prevent the electric powered motor from higher stress water and impurities hence higher suction performance can be ensured.
  3. In addition to the primary impeller, a pair of agitation impeller is equipped to assist split and combine the sludge.
  4. Effortless set up, procedure and value preserving, since no extra vacuum pump or pump property is necessary.
  5. Specialist technology help is supplied in the course of the complete approach of the use and maintenance.

Product Software

  1. ZJQ sort Submersible Sand Pump is vertically submerged under drinking water and driven by electrical.
  2. Suitable for conveying liquid with slurry, sound particles of gravel, cinders, tailings, and many others.
  3. Frequently utilised in river dredging, sand pumping vessel, sewage remedy vegetation, metallurgical market, mining, energy vegetation, and so on.


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Zjq Submersible Sand Pump