CB-Bns16 Ceramic Stainless Steel Gear Pump

CB-Bns16 Ceramic Stainless Steel Gear Pump

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1. Brief introduction of perform
    CB-BNS ceramic stainless metal gear pump is a new type of chemical pump created on the basis of CB-B equipment pump.

two. Structural characteristics:
     CB-BNS pump uses stainless steel for the entire body, large quality alloy steel for the heart (gear), the transmission of SF-1 variety composite bearings, the upper and base of the internal wall inlay ceramic, minimize the put on of shaft speak to stop axial oil seal use bone pipe rack and higher temperature rubber oil seal.

3. The characteristics of the pump:
     3.one Modest quantity, mild excess weight, simple composition, lower price and reliable function.
     3.two Excellent self-priming overall performance, no oil is required when the machine is opened, and the 1st use does not need to be crammed with oil.
     3.3 Straightforward to install, use and maintain.
The item has the benefits of acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, higher temperature resistance, extended existence and beautiful look. It is extensively utilized to pharmaceutical, foods, chemical industry, foundry equipment and so on. It is properly obtained by special customers.

4. Application
Medium: sodium silicate and potassium h2o glass (frequently recognized as runner alkali and polysilicate aqueous resolution).
Scope of software:
Pumping, printing ink, kerosene, large temperature, acid and alkali resistance can also be utilized as boiler oil pumps for ceramic and glass industries.


5. Main Parameters:

Product Capability REVOLUTION Force SUCTION Top
L/min r/min MPa mm
CB-BNS16 16 1450 2.5 300

six. Inventory Checklist:



Model QTY
CB-BNS1 a hundred and sixty
CB-BNS2.5 205
CB-BNS4 196
CB-BNS6 a hundred ninety
CB-BNS10 201
CB-BNS16 183
CB-BNS20 167
CB-BNS25 184
CB-BNS32 170
CB-BNS40 185
CB-BNS50 189
CB-BNS63 188
CB-BNS80 184
CB-BNS100 193
CB-BNS125 184
CB-BNS160 181


seven. Parameters of Other Versions:


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CB-Bns16 Ceramic Stainless Steel Gear Pump