Huanggong Marine Twin Screw Pump for Shipyard

Huanggong Marine Twin Screw Pump for Shipyard

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Merchandise Description

Certification: ISO9001: 2000, CE, CCS, BV, NK, KR, Ab muscles, RINA, GL, and so on.

A. Using selection
Twin screw pumps is the greatest decision to be utilized as Fuel Oil pump, Diesel Oil pump, Large Oil Transfer Pump, lube oil Pump, lubricating oil pump or chemical pump.

Twin-screw pump can transfer different non-reliable contained fluid medium or really large viscosity medium. They have vast availability and substantial reliability for lubricating or non lubricating medium, for corrosive medium or gas-liquid mixture.

CZPT: Horizontal, vertical, moveable structure, heating chamber
Security: Explosion-defense, water-protection, basic safety valve, alarming sensor.

Specifications FOR 2W,2HE,2HM Sequence TWIN SCREW PUMP
2HM Series
get screw pump
Capability m3/h Max: 1500
Stress/Head bar Max: twenty five
Viscosity cst .five-100,00
Speed rpm 750-1500
Temperature OC -20-120
Mounting Vertical/Horizontal
Seal Mechenical Seal

B. Using discipline
one. Petrochemical Market: Transfer pump for numerous lubricating oil, crude oil, residual oil, heavy oil, biHangCZPT, diesel oil, gasoline and so forth.
two. Shipbuilding Market: Transfer pump, cargo oil pump, booster pump, striping pump and engine lubricating pump for numerous gas oil, lubricating oil, squander oil, bilge sludge and sea h2o and many others.
three Chemical Sector: Transfer pump for numerous acid, alkali and salt resolution, resin, glycerin, olefin, polymers and a variety of cosmetics emulsion.
4. Paint Market: Transfer Pump for a variety of printing ink, paint, oil paint, dope and so on.
5. Food Industry: Transfer pump for different higher-viscosity medium like alcoholic beverages, beverage, honey, sugar juice, tooth paste, milk, soy sauce, animal oil, vegetable and chocolate and so forth.
6. Conserving & Transferring business: Loading and unloading oil goods for oil station, ship and tanker.

C. Features
one, The inlet-outlet civility adopts special design and style to make sure that adequate medium is remained in the pump. Even when the medium in the suction pipe is all discharged, the pump even now has really excellent self-suction functionality.

two, The pump entire body adopts unique-construction circular valve, which will open up when the outlet pressure is higher than the operating stress. Then, some medium will back to the inlet of pump or saving can via this round valve. In the meantime, the pump can starts off underneath full stress circumstance therefore drastically lessen the torque.

three, Use synchronizer gear to transfer toque from initiative screw to idler screw, which assures no steel get in touch with and electricity transmission between transferring components. So the transferring components have substantial reliability for any medium and the pump can free of charge from harm of dry rotation in a brief time.

four, When the pump is functioning, the meshing screws form a sealed civility in the pump entire body, subsequent the rotary movement of the screws, the liquid in the sealed civility does axial motion with the sealed civility and transferred to the outlet of pump steadily and continuously. Simply because the capacity of the sealed civility never ever changes in the doing work pump, there will be no pulsation when the pump deliveries liquid.

five, The human body of twin screw pump has many various heating construction strategies for option, to adapt to distinct medium beneath diverse temperature.

D. Other Data
Our pumps can be created in accordance with the particular wants of consumers: Horizontal, Vertical, Trolley composition Explosion-evidence level, Degree of Defense, insulation degree(for hazardous region functioning), particular stainless steel for specific prerequisite(foods industry, corrosive liquids, and so forth), heating chamber, safety valve, alarming sensor, and so forth
Our pumps(primarily twin-screw pumps)and programs are the perfect remedy for tanker terminals, oil generation and processing. The regions are the industrial, petrochemical, maritime and shipbuilding as well as the meals and pharmaceutical industries. You can question us for all appropriate complex info, performance knowledge, designs, options, theory, application advantages and, final but not the very least, application regions for the respective pump.

Huanggong Marine Twin Screw Pump for Shipyard