Jiashida Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with Estun E21s System

Jiashida Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with Estun E21s System

Jiashida CZPT Guillotine Shear with Estun E21s System

CNC CZPT Guillotine Shearing Equipment Attributes:
Streamlined design originated from EU, the type of machine tool consists of rack, cutter holder, oil cylinder, hydraulic controller, backgauge and other elements. Finite-component evaluation of primary elements, welding parts uses tempering, vibration and other processing strategies to eradicate stress ensuring the structural strength and rigidity of the rack and parts.
Cutter holder use a few-stage help rolling manual rail, minimizing the friction to the greatest extent and realizing seamless rolling in the course of cutter holder shifting.
Leftmost entrance holder configured with verticality regulator and entrance positioning system, simple operation and higher performance.
Easy and powerful changing mechanism is utilized to rearrange blade clearance via CNC program, bettering the chopping quality.
Wonderful ball screw and bar composition, very good overall performance frequency converter is utilized to positioning X axis to make sure accuracy, unique created timing transmission system, secure and dependable.
Mild and shadow line is conductive to guide scribbling for chopping, secure and reliable hydraulic transmission, integrated hydraulic technique is able to drastically alleviate difficulties triggering by hydraulic fluid leakage.
Made by substantial-top quality ally instrument metal capable sufficient to from influence load and substantial dress in resistance when cutting.
With reference to ergonomic layout, simple CNC technique surface area, improving the operation precision and comfort, rolling ball worktable to reduce friction and avoid function piece from scratching, novel and sensible safety guard unit, line with security specification, defend the individual safety, sensitive design, petty work piece can be carried out simply by hand. 

HangCZPT ESTUN E21S CNC Controller Functions:
Cutting stroke: developed in time relays, straightforward procedure, lower value
One-essential backups and restores parameters                             
Manage angle-cutting degree and blade clearance
Metric kind, mm/inch transmission
One facet positioning, retract perform
Blade clearance: encoder suggestions, well timed shows the measurement of the blade clearance
Angle reducing: created in angle slicing regulator, removing the angular diploma indicator and buttons
Substantial-definition Lcd show with the two Chinese and English languages, multti phase programming, forty programs, each system has 25 stepts.
Backguage: clever positioning, or alter by hand, eliminate the mechanical hand positioning device 

Schneider CZPTs
–Manufacturer electric powered Schneider, secure and reputable
–DELTA frequency converter prevents the positioning gadget from swinging horizontally and enhances the positioning accuracy.

Workable and Slicing Blade
The sliding table and the front support device are hassle-free for feeding, and make certain that the workpiece is not scratched during procedure.
The material urgent unit adopts the integral circuit and the unbiased parallel urgent cylinder, and the content urgent gadget is equipped with rubber pad. When the sheet material is not typical, it can be freely telescopic and tightly pressed on the sheet substance, and the urgent force can also be immediately modified with the content and thickness of the sheet, with out damaging the board surface area.
A rectangular blade can be utilised with four edges. The blade is warmth-handled with large energy and good put on resistance.
CZPT Positioning
Verticality regulator and entrance positioning system ensures the reducing precision, it is easy operation, useful and successful.

–ZheCZPT HIWIN/TBI CZPT guide rail and ball screw to sustain substantial precision backguage

Machine on the Top 
–Siemens Principal Motor 
–The hydraulic manage program of the CZPT States Very first or the German CZPT hydraulic valve management knife plate moves up and down.
–The united states CZPT Oil Pump
–German BAUSER and Busak+Shamban Sealing Ring
–German EMB Oil Tube Connectors, the main oil pipe adopts the jacket sort. 
–Fan Cooling System support device functioning problem and prolonged life efficiency.

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Jiashida Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with Estun E21s System