Sanitary Efficient Stainless Steel Homogenizer Pump High Shear Pump

Sanitary Efficient Stainless Steel Homogenizer Pump High Shear Pump

Sanitary Efficient Stainless Steel Homogenizer Pump High Shear Pump (ACE-RHB-B3)

Software:Belong to a turbine the diversion centrifugal pump can extract the liquid of the vacuum tank below the pressure of damaging pressure .09Mpa.

Content SUS304,SUS316L
Standard  DIN,SMS
Area Treatment  The parts contacts with medium is polished
Working Condition  Sanitary centrifugal pumps is a high and reduced amount transmission,as nicely as the stage transmission,and has a amount of suction
Temperature Range  -ten diploma celsius-a hundred and forty diploma celsius
Washable Mechanical Sealing  Water Stress:Max .1Pa
Stream Fee:.25-.5L/min
Functioning Pressure  ≤3KW,220-240V/380v-420V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Operating Method  Continuous(SI)
Rotate Velocity The regular rotate velocity is 2900r/min-3500r/min
Connection ends  Triclover, Butt Weld, Threaded, Union and Flange

Substantial Shear Homogenizer and Emulsifying Pump Software Locations:
Refined chemistry:
Pigment, dyestuff, plastic auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, adhesives, resin dispersion, silicon oil dispersion, sizzling soften adhesive, sealing compound, glue, pulp, finishing agent, area active agent, carbon black disperse, adhesive-evidence agent, mildew release agent, deforming agent, fluorine cleansing agent, polishing agent, leather auxiliaries, pigment paste, dispersion wax, bactericide, catalyze,  coagulant.

Lubricant, heavy oil dispersion, diesel oil dispersion, modified asphalt, catalyze, wax dispersion.
Biology & pharmaceuticals:
Injection, medical dispersion, medical paste, health item, mini-capsule dispersion, mobile breaker.
Paint & ink:

printing ink, paint, dispersion paint, building coating, nanometer coating, photocureable coating, coating auxiliaries, carbon black disperse, glaze, Alta-mud.
Farm chemicals:
Pesticide, herbicide, medicinal butter, fertilizer, pesticide adjuvant.
Nanometer components:
Disperse and depolymerization.
Foodstuff sector:

Juice, jam, ice-cream, milk product, food addictive, tea drink, chocolate, bean milk, essence.
Client chemistry:
Fluid detergent, experience cream, lip paste, face foam, silicon oil dispersion, family essence, skin treatment goods.
Paper producing:
Pulp, adhesive, rosin disperse, auxiliaries, resin dispersion.
Sanitary Stainless Steel Substantial Shear Emulsifying Pump/Pump Homogenizer

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three.Knowledgeable R&D Division
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Sanitary Efficient Stainless Steel Homogenizer Pump High Shear Pump