T60ABML-D, 60HP 2-Stroke Boat Marine Outboard Motor

T60ABML-D, 60HP 2-Stroke Boat Marine Outboard Motor

Parsun New Design T60A

PARSUN T60A outboard motor is developed and constructed to stand up to the weighty-responsibility perform for long steady several hours all day, and to satisfy the most demanding boaters who use the outboard motor on fishing and passenger boats.
The enhanced power of roller bearings, crankshaft, piston & piston ring and crankcase, with each other with a greater drinking water cooling technique, combines to make PARSUN T60A outboard highly tough and reputable.
Possessing handed the rigid trial exams, PARSUN T60A outboard motor offers unbeatable value for money, excellent energy and gas economic system, and fantastic efficiency.

1.  The outboard can be established at a tilt angle, stopping it from hitting the base when operating in shallow h2o.
two.  CZPTt in gear defense for improved basic safety.
three.  Geared up with the overheat warning & more than-rev limiter to keep away from the surprising failure.
4.  Very sturdy crankshaft, prolonged existence piston/piston ring, sturdy gears and equipment scenario to get the exceptional dependability.
five.  Drain plug magnetized to acquire any metallic particles in the equipment oil to hold them from creating hurt to the gears.
six.  A few cylinders design which stands the endurance test and is verified to be strong, productive and reliable.
seven.  CZPT elevator or electrical power trim & tilt gadget for operation simply.
eight.  CDI ignition technique to provide computerized spark and maximum energy for motor.
9.  Loop charging gas consumption provides fantastic fuel financial system, and smooth and responsive acceleration.
ten.  Thermostat managed water cooling program.
eleven.  Vibration reduction program for sleek efficiency.
twelve.  Contain 24L portable fuel tank with gasoline hose, remote manage, basic instruments and device kits.


  • Safety: Motor basic safety quit lanyard with emergency shut off swap for stopping the engine quickly.
  • Peaceful: By way of propeller hub exhaust gives reduced sounds and exhaust.
  • Reduced gasoline use: The loop billed fuel induction technique provides increased combustion efficiency for increased power and the best possible engine efficiency with much less gasoline usage.
  • Final corrosion protection: The multiply-layer paint method and substantial grade maritime aluminum alloy shield the outboard motor towards corrosion and ensures long term durability.
  • Reliable electric starter: To get a swift and straightforward begin each time.
  • Lights coil: 12V DC output permits you to run a highlight.
  • SOLAS propeller: Better acceleration, substantial best-finish speed and clean dealing with.


Merchandise T60A
Engine type two-stroke,3-cylinders, reed valve
Displacement 849 cc
Bore x Stroke mm(in.) seventy two.0×69.5(2.8×2.7)
Max output Kw(HP)@ r/min 44.7(60)@5000
CZPTting method Guide / Guide + CZPT*
Steering program Tiller manage / Remote manage*
Gear change Ahead-Neutral-Reverse
Gear ratio 2.33(28/twelve)
Trim and tilt system CZPT tilt / Power trim & tilt*
Gas induction system Carburetor
Max fuel intake 25.five L/h
Gasoline tank capacity 24L
Lubrication method Pre-combined gas and oil
Equipment oil capability 610cc
Dry excess weight 102kg-110kg*
Advisable transom top 508mm (20 in.)
Alternator output 12V DC
* Dependent on the designs  


T60ABML-D, 60HP 2-Stroke Boat Marine Outboard Motor